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All-Breed Sports Club Forms

Show Forms

Exhibitor Entry Forms

Conformation Entry Form (PDF)

Performance Entry Form (PDF)

Coursing Entry Form

Nosework Entry (PDF)

Junior Entry Form (PDF)

Exhibitor Miscellaneous

Points Record (PDF)

Title Issue Application (PDF)

UKC Nosework Nomination Form: Hall of Fame: Dog with a Disability (PDF)

New Clubs

New Club Application (PDF)

National Association Application (PDF)

UKC Club Bylaws (PDF)

Club Membership List (PDF)

Club Event Planning

Event Weekend-Number Date Table (PDF)

Licensed Event Scheduling Request (PDF)

Non-Licensed Match Application (PDF)

Club Miscellaneous

Club Officers Change Form (PDF)

Sample Judge's Contract (PDF)

SPOT Checklist (PDF)

Club Event Paperwork

Guidelines for Paperwork Prep & Submission (PDF)

Total Dog Report (PDF)

Total Junior Report (PDF)

Disqualified for Attacking (PDF)

Misconduct Complaint Form (PDF)

Misconduct Hearing Procedure Form (PDF)

Class or Entry Correction (PDF)

Performance Event Junior Participation (PDF)

Junior Membership Application (PDF)

Conformation Events

Conformation Judges Book (PDF)

Show Report (PDF)

Group/BIS/BISS Judges Book (PDF)

Non-Licsensed Classes Judges Book (PDF)

Junior Showmanship Judge's Book (PDF)

Breed Abbreviations for Judge's Book (PDF)

Conformation Match Forms

Total Dog Match Record Sheet

Match Judges Book - Use Starting January 1, 2019 (PDF)

Junior Showmanship Match Judges Book (PDF)

Non-Licensed Class Match Judges Book (PDF)

Match Group/BIS/BISS Judges Book (PDF)

Conformation Titles

How to Earn Conformation Titles (PDF)

Agility Events

Trial Report (PDF)

High In Trial Summary (PDF)

Agility Judges Book (PDF)

Agility Match Events

Match Judge's Book (PDF)

High In Match Breakdown (PDF)

Lure Coursing Events

Lure Coursing Report (PDF)

Coursing Aptitude & Coursing Test (PDF)

Regular Stakes Record Sheet (PDF)

Meet Record Sheet (PDF)

Judges Sheet (PDF)

Lure Coursing Match Events

Coursing Aptitude & Coursing Test Match (PDF)

Match Record Sheet (PDF)

Easier than ever to become a Nosework Club! (PDF)

Easier than ever to become a Nosework Judge! (PDF)

Nosework Event Forms

UKC Nosework Limit Calculator (Excel)

Trial Report (PDF)

Judges Book: Element Trial (PDF)

Judges Book: Handler Discrimination (PDF)

Trial Score Sheet (PDF)

Nosework Match Forms

Judges Book: Match Novice-Elite (PDF)

Judges Book: Match Handler Discrimination (PDF)

Judges Book: Nosework Element Match (PDF)

Obedience Events

Obedience Judges Book (PDF)

Obedience Trial Report (PDF)

Non-Licensed Judges Book (PDF)

High in Trial Scoresheet (PDF)

Important Obedience Info & Updates

2021 Rule Change Seminar (PDF)

Changes/Allowances for COVID in UKC Obedience

2021 Rule Change FAQ's

Obedience Match Events

Obedience Match Judges Book (PDF)

Licensed Scoresheets (PDF)

Pre-Novice Scoresheet

Beginner Novice Scoresheet

Novice Scoresheet

Advanced Novice Scoresheet

Open Scoresheet

Advanced Open Scoresheet

Utility Scoresheet

Master Scoresheet

Elite Scoresheet

Non-Licensed Classes (PDF)

Veteran Scoresheet
Brace Scoresheet
Pairs Scoresheet
Teams Scoresheet
Precision Heeling

Versatility 1 Scoresheet
Versatility 2 Scoresheet
Versatility 3 Scoresheet
Versatility 4 Scoresheet

Obedience Education

Watch UKC Obedience Tutorial Videos (YouTube)

Rally Obedience Events

Rally Trial Report (PDF)

Rally Judges Book

Changes/Allowances for COVID in UKC Rally Obedience

Rally Obedience Scoresheet (PDF)

Rally Obedience Match Events

Rally Obedience Match Judges Book (PDF)

Rally Obedience Signs, effective July 1, 2020 - PDF files for download

Rally Obedience Signs - RO1

Rally Obedience Signs - RO2

Rally Obedience Signs - RO3

Rally Obedience Signs - Master

Rally Sign Guide Workbook

Comprehensive Rally Sign Guide (PDF)

Rally Education

Watch UKC Rally Tutorial videos (Youtube)

Weight Pull Events

Weight Pull Report (PDF)

Weigh-In Form (PDF)

Weight Pull Match Events

Match Weigh-In (PDF)

Match Judges Book (PDF)