UKC shares historic update for Field Dog Stud Book (FDSB) eligible breeds. See News section for full details.

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TL Numbers

Rules & Info for TL Numbers

Entering a UKC Event
Dogs must be permanently registered, have a Performance Listing number (performance events & Junior Showmanship), or have a valid Temporary Listing Number.

Dogs not permanently registered
Dogs that are not permanently registered or do not have a UKC Performance Listing number must have a Temporary Listing number to enter UKC licensed events.

Rules applying to Temporary Listing (TL) Numbers

Temporary Listing numbers are only valid at events licensed by Show Operations and the Pointing Dog events program.

Temporary Listing numbers may also be purchased and issued on the same day by calling Show Operations at UKC during regular business hours. All Temporary Listing numbers are non-refundable, non-transferable, and do not apply to the cost of permanent registration or Performance Listing numbers.

Temporary Listing Numbers must be assigned on or before the show date. TL Numbers that are issued after the event will be considered invalid.

TL numbers are not valid for events that have already occurred.

TL numbers may be used to enter as many UKC events licensed by Show Operations as the owner wishes before and until the dog is permanently registered or permanently listed with UKC. TL numbers are no longer valid once a dog is permanently registered or permanently listed with UKC.

Dogs permanently registered/listed that include the TL number on the application for registration/listing will automatically have any wins posted to their permanent record.

Any wins, titles earned, Top Ten points, or All Star points will not reflect on the dogs record until it is permanently registered/listed. If the dog is not able to be permanently registered/listed any wins or points earned on the dog's TL number will be invalid.

Temporary Listing numbers are not valid for events held under the rules that govern licensed Coonhound or Beagle events. TL numbers are not valid at Hunting Retriever Club (HRC) events. No dog may compete in these events on a Temporary Listing number.

A Temporary Listing (TL) number may be issued to any dog that does not already have a permanent registration number or that has not already been issued a Performance Listing number is eligible to receive a Temporary Listing number. Obtaining a Temporary Listing number does not guarantee or imply that a dog will be eligible for permanent registration.

There are individual requirements for each breed to apply for registration. Owners assume all responsibility for obtaining the registration requirements for the breed they are purchasing a TL number for.

Dogs ineligible for Temporary Listing (TL) numbers:

  • A dog that has previously been issued a UKC permanent registration number
  • A dog that has previously been issued a UKC Performance Listing number