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Elite Shed Dogs Clubs

Starting A New Club

The rules and policies have been established in order to insure the owner of a UKC registered dog that each UKC licensed event will be conducted on a fair and equal basis.

One of the first things your club should do is contact your state corporation office, where you may obtain the forms to be filled out and filed to make your club a non-profit corporation. The fee for non-profit status is usually minimal. By doing this, it will remove any potential personal obligations by the officers and may remove the possibilities of the officers being sued on an individual basis. After the club is incorporated, you should take out a liability insurance policy in the club’s name to cover any potential problems that may arise.

The United Kennel Club offers licenses to approved clubs for a variety of events. We also endeavor to keep at least 100 miles distance between clubs asking for dates on the same weekend. The mileage limitation was established to allow each club to have a successful turnout at each of its events.

The club location for having events should remain the same. If for some reason you must change the location of your event, you must first have the change approved by the Hunting Programs Department.

To get started, fill out the necessary forms for New Clubs.

Elite Shed Dog Series Clubs And Contacts

If you have an interest in participating in the Elite Shed Dog Series, reach out to the following individuals closest to you and offer your support!

If none of the following are close to you, and you would like to be added to this list to see what kind of support you can find in your area, please contact United Kennel Club.


Carolina Shed Dog Club, Central North Carolina
Bobby and Dawn Parry stonewaterlabradors@gmail.com


North Central Illinois
Shane Stover illinoissheddogs@aol.com


West Central Indiana
Norm Henderson antlerdogs3@hotmail.com

South Central Indiana
Shannon Neal jsneal96@frontier.com


United German Shorthaired Pointer Club
Christie Dalman spiritwhsper@gmail.com


Central Louisiana
Louisiana Shed Dog Hunters Association
Janet Reich teton2stepper@gmail.com
Nancy Stokes nsjustice1010@yahoo.com


Southwest Michigan
Michigan Shed Dog Club
Joe Johnson joe@jtgroups.com

North Carolina

Western North Carolina
Southeast Shed Dog Club
Jeff Stingel jwstingel@gmail.com


North East Ohio
Scott & Amy Kuchenbecker teampco@aol.com


Performance Events Trials Shows (P.E.T.S.)
Susan Brasel susanbrasel@gmail.com


South East Wisconsin
Brian Schloman brian.schlomann@yahoo.com

West Central Wisconsin
Jeff Rada jefftr4@yahoo.com

North West Wisconsin
John Beyer johnbeyerjr@hotmail.com

Club Update Forms

Club Officer Update Form (PDF)

New Club Forms

New Club Application (PDF)

Requirements & Tips For A Successful Club (PDF)

Constitution and By-Laws (PDF)