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UKC Titles

Events Licensed through Field Operations

Beagle Events

Bench Show
WSHOWCH - Hunting Beagle World Show Champion (awarded at Hunting Beagle World Championship)
NGRC - National Grand Show Champion (awarded at Hunting Beagle Nationals)
GRCH - Grand Show Champion
CH - Show Champion

Hunting Beagle Event
WORLDHBCH - World Hunting Beagle Champion (awarded at Hunting Beagle World Championship)
NGRHBC - National Grand Hunting Beagle Champion (awarded at Hunting Beagle Nationals)
GRHBCH - Grand Hunting Beagle Champion
HBCH - Hunting Beagle Champion

Large Pack Events
GRFCH - Grand Field Champion
FCH - Field Champion

Performance Pack Event
WORLDPCH - World Performance Pack Champion (awarded at the Performance Pack World Championship)
GRPCH - Grand Performance Pack Champion
PCH - Performance Pack Champion

Coonhound Events

Bench Show
WSHOWCH - World Show Champion (awarded at World Coonhound Championship)
NGRCH - National Grand Show Champion (awarded at Autumn Oaks)
GRCH - Grand Show Champion
CH - Show Champion

Field Trial
GRFCH - Grand Field Champion
FCH - Field Champion

Hunt Test (Suffix)
HTX - Hunt Test Excellence

Nite Hunt
WLDNITECH - World Nite Hunt Champion (awarded at World Coonhound Championship)
NGRNCH - National Grand Nite Champion (awarded at Autumn Oaks)
GRNITECH - Grand Nite Champion
NITECH - Nite Champion

Water Race
GRWCH - Grand Water Champion
WCH - Water Champion

Cur/Feist Events

Bench Show
GRCH - Grand Show Champion
CH - Show Champion

Coon Hunt
GRNITECH - Grand Nite Champion
NITECH - Nite Champion

Squirrel Hunt
WORLD SQ DOG CH - World Squirrel Dog Champion (awarded at Squirrel Dog World Championship)
GRSQCH - Grand Squirrel Champion
SQCH - Squirrel Champion

Hunting Retriever Events

Hunt Test
GRHRCH - Grand Hunting Retriever Champion
HRCH - Hunting Retriever Champion
HR - Hunting Retriever
SHR - Started Hunting Retriever
UH - Upland Hunter
HOF (suffix) - Hall of Fame

Pointing Dog Events

Field Trial
GRCHF - Grand Champion of the Field
CHF - Champion of the Field
TR - Trialer
GUN - Gun Dog
HUNT - 1st Level Gun Dog
TAN (suffix) - Natural Ability Test

Pointing Dog Events

Field Trial
GRCHF - Grand Champion of the Field
CHF - Champion of the Field
TR - Trialer
GUN - Gun Dog
HUNT - 1st Level Gun Dog
TAN - Natural Ability Test

Elite Shed Dog Series

ESD - Elite Shed Dog
WSD - Working Shed Dog
CHSD - Champion Shed Dog

UKC Recognized Titles

United Field Trialers Association - UFTA
NF. CH - UFTA National Field Champion
RNF.CH - UFTA Reserve National Field Champion
F.CH - UFTA Field Champion

National Shoot To Retrieve - NSTRA
NTLCH - NSTRA National Champion
RUNTLCH - NSTRA Runner Up National Champion
REGCH - NSTRA Regional Champion
CH - NSTRA Champion
AMCH - NSTRA Amateur Champion

National Bird Dog Circuit - NBDC
BDC DOY - BDC Dog of the Year
BDC WC - BDC World Champion
BDC NC - BDC National Champion
BDC SM - BDC Super Major Win
BDC LC - BDC Legendary

Super Retriever Series - SRS
SRSC - SRS Champion
SRSAC - SRS Amateur Champion
SRSCC - SRS Crown Champion
SRSACC - SRS Amateur Crown Champion

Discontinued Titles

Cur/Feist Event: Treeing Contest
GRTRCH - Grand Tree Champion
TRCH - Tree Champion

Dog Sports
OBPD2 - Police Dog 2 Obedience
OBPD1 - Police Dog 1 Obedience
PD2 - Police Dog 2
PD1 - Police Dog 1
OB3 - Protection 3 Obedience
OB2 - Protection 2 Obedience
OB1 - Protection Alert 1 Obedience
AOB - Protection Alert Obedience
P3 - Protection 3
P2 - Protection 2
P1 - Protection 1
PA - Protection Alert
FO - Family Obedience

Earth Work Hunting Program
GREWCH - Grand Earth Work Champion
EWCH - Earth Work Champion
EWDII - Earth Working Dog 2
EWDI - Earth Working Dog 1

Events Licensed through Show Operations


UGRACH1 - United Grand Agility Champion 1 (A UGRACH title will be issued with the designation in accordance with the numerical times the title has been earned)
UGRACH - United Grand Agility Champion
UACHX - United Agility Champion Excellent
UACH - United Agility Champion
UAGII - United Agility II
UAGI - United Agility I

Conformation (excludes mixed breeds)

CH - Champion
GRCH - Grand Champion
CCH - Conformation Champion (for Coonhounds, Beagles and Cur/Feists)
CGRCH - Conformation Grand Champion (for Coonhounds, Beagles and Cur/Feists)
NBOB - National Best of Breed (awarded at a National Specialty)
NGRCH - National Grand Champion (for American Eskimos and Toy Fox Terriers, awarded at their National Specialty)
(Effective January 1, 2019)
EGCH - Emerald Grand Champion
RGCH - Ruby Grand Champion
SGCH - Sapphire Grand Champion
DGCH - Diamond Grand Champion

Altered Conformation (excludes mixed breeds)
ALCH - Altered Champion
ALGRCH - Altered Grand Champion
ALCCH - Altered Conformation Champion (for Coonhounds, Beagles and Cur/Feists)
ALCGRCH - Altered Conformation Grand Champion (for Coonhounds, Beagles and Cur/Feists)
(Effective January 1, 2019)
AEGCH - Altered Emerald Grand Champion
ARGCH - Altered Ruby Grand Champion
ASGCH - Altered Sapphire Grand Champion
ADGCH - Altered Diamond Grand Champion

Dock Jumping (Air Dog)

Distance Jumping (Ultimate Air) Titles:

Initial Distance Jumping Titles:
UUJ - United Ultimate Jumper
UMJ - United Master Jumper
USJ - United Senior Jumper
UJJ - United Junior Jumper
UNJ - United Novice Jumper

United Distance Jumping Champion Titles:
UUJCH - United Ultimate Jumper Champion
UMJCH - United Master Jumper Champion
USJCH - United Senior Jumper Champion
UJJCH - United Junior Jumper Champion
UNJCH - United Novice Jumper Champion

Grand Distance Jumping Champion Titles:
GUJCH - Grand Ultimate Jumper Champion
GMJCH - Grand Master Jumper Champion
GSJCH - Grand Senior Jumper Champion
GJJCH - Grand Junior Jumper Champion
GNJCH - Grand Novice Jumper Champion

Ultimate Vertical Titles:

Initial Ultimate Vertical Titles:
URUV - United Radical Ultimate Vertical
USUV - United Supreme Ultimate Vertical

United Ultimate Vertical Champion Titles:
URUVCH - United Radical Ultimate Vertical Champion
USUVCH - United Supreme Ultimate Vertical Champion

Ultimate Vertical Grand Champion Titles:
GRUVCH - United Grand Radical Ultimate Vertical Champion
GSUVCH - United Grand Supreme Ultimate Vertical Champion

United Fetch It Titles:
UUF - United Ultimate Fetch It
USF - United Supreme Fetch It

United Fetch It Champion Titles:
UUFCH - United Ultimate Fetch It Champion
USFCH - United Supreme Fetch It Champion

United Fetch It Grand Champion Titles:
GUFCH - United Grand Ultimate Fetch It Champion
GSFCH - United Grand Supreme Fetch It Champion

Drag Racing

Flat Race:
UFGCH - United Flat Racer Grand Champion
UFCH - United Flat Racer Champion
UFR - United Flat Racer
UFA - United Flat Racing Aptitude Test

USGCH - United Steeplechase Grand Champion
USCH - United Steeplechase Racer Champion
USR - United Steeplechase Racer
USA - United Steeplechase Racing Aptitude Test

Lure Coursing

Advanced Coursing Title:
SGC - Supreme Grand Coursing Champion

Breed Stakes Titles:
GCB - Grand Lure Coursing Champion-Breed
CCB - Lure Coursing Champion-Breed

Mixed Stake Titles:
GCM - Grand Lure Coursing Champion-Mixed
CCM - Lure Coursing Champion-Mixed

United Coursing Tested Titles:
CTS - Coursing Tested Supreme
CTX - Coursing Tested Excellent
CT - Coursing Tested

United Coursing Aptitude Titles:
CAS - Coursing Aptitude Supreme
CAX - Coursing Aptitude Excellent
CA - Coursing Aptitude


Nosework Trial Levels:
NGC - Nosework Grand Champion
NCH - Nosework Champion
EN - Elite Nosework
MN - Master Nosework
SN - Superior Nosework
AN - Advanced Nosework
NN - Novice Nosework

Individual Element Classes:

EE - Elite Exterior
EV - Elite Vehicle
EI - Elite Interior
EC - Elite Container

ME - Master Exterior
MV - Master Vehicle
MI - Master Interior
MC - Master Container

SE - Superior Exterior
SV - Superior Vehicle
SI - Superior Interior
SC - Superior Container

AE - Advanced Exterior
AV - Advanced Vehicle
AI - Advanced Interior
AC - Advanced Container

NE - Novice Exterior
NV - Novice Vehicle
NI - Novice Interior
NC - Novice Container

Pre-Trail Class:
PTE - Pre-Trial Elite
PTM - Pre-Trial Master
PTS - Pre-Trial Superior
PTA - Pre-Trial Advanced
PTN - Pre-Trial Novice

Handler Discrimination:
EHD - Excellent Handler Discrimination
AHD - Advanced Handler Discrimination
NHD - Novice Handler Discrimination


UUDX - United Utility Dog Excellent
GOCH - United Grand Obedience Champion
UOCH - United Obedience Champion
UUD - United Utility Dog
UCDX - United Companion Dog Excellent
UCD - United Companion Dog

Rally Obedience

UROG - United Rally Obedience Grand Champion
URX - United Rally Obedience Excellent
UROC - United Rally Obedience Champion
URO3 - United Rally Obedience 3
URO2 - United Rally Obedience 2
URO1 - United Rally Obedience 1

SPOT (Suffix)

SPOT-ON - Specialized Pet Obedience Test - Outstanding Neighbor
SPOT - Specialized Pet Obedience Test

Weight Pull

UGWPC1 - United Grand Weight Pull Champion 1
UGWPCH - United Grand Weight Pull Champion
UWPCHX - United Weight Pull Champion Excellent
UWPCH - United Weight Pull Champion
UWP - United Weight Puller
UWPS - United Weight Pull Champion Supreme
UWPO - United Weight Pull Champion Outstanding
UWPV - United Weight Pull Champion Versatile

UKC Recognized Titles

Barn Hunt
RATCHX - Barn Hunt Champion Excellent
RATCH - Barn Hunt Champion
RATM - Master Barn Hunt
RATS - Senior Barn Hunt
RATO - Open Barn Hunt
RATN - Novice Barn Hunt