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Cur & Feist HTX Hunt Tests

About HTX Hunt Tests

Introduced in the fall of 2007, the Hunt Test Program offers an opportunity for enthusiasts to earn a working certificate and title recognition on qualifying dogs.

How It Works

In a UKC Licensed Hunt Test, a dog is evaluated alone for one hour and must meet the following requirements without committing a fault (such as off game, slick trees, handling issues, leaving or milling around at the tree, and failure to hunt):

  • Must go hunting
  • Must tree and stay treed
  • The squirrel/coon must be seen

Earning an HTX Degree, Hunt Text Excellence

A dog that passes three (3) hunt tests will receive the degree of HTX as a suffix to the dogs UKC registered name. Each three additional passes will be notated with an HTX2, HTX3 and so on.

Hosting a Hunt Test at Your Club

Hunt Tests are only available to UKC approved clubs and may only be held at established club event and meeting sites. Hunt Tests do not count against the number of licensed events that a club may hold and may be conducted on any day or night of the week except for Sunday. There is no mileage conflict between clubs that wish to hold Hunt Tests on the same day or night. Clubs have the option to hold Squirrel HTX Hunts or Coon HTX Hunts (Coon HTX Hunts available to Curs ONLY). The club must pay a recording fee of $3 per dog tested regardless of whether the dog passes or fails, but here is no licensing fee to conduct a Hunt Test.


Updated 8/10/21



October 29, 2021
Event Type: Squirrel HTX
Time of Event: 4pm
Entry Fee: $10.00
Event Country: United States of America
Event City: Mt Vernon
Event State: IL
Directions to the Event: Johnson county coon club
Club Name: UTFA
Club State: KY
Club ID (if known): Us610
Club Contact (First & Last Name): Chad Wagoner
Phone: 859-613-3088
Alternate Phone:

Forms & Rules

Cur & Feist Hunt Master Checklist & Telemetry Rules (PDF)

Cur/Feist Hunt Test Evaluation Form (PDF)

Cur/Feist Hunt Test Policies and Procedures (PDF)

Squirrel Hunt Test Report Form (PDF)

Event Host Application (PDF)

Cur & Feist Rules

Cur Rulebook

2020 Cur Rulebook

Cur Rulebook UKC

Feist Rulebook

2020 UKC Feist Rulebook

Feist Rulebook Cover