UKC shares historic update for Field Dog Stud Book (FDSB) eligible breeds. See News section for full details.

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Bloodlines Listing Service

  • Focused on helping newly established breed groups or types, Bloodlines Listing Service provides space for new breed groups to establish their breed stock by offering lineage tracking services to dog owners and breeders
  • An extension of the Performance Listing program, the Bloodlines Listing Service accommodates individual dogs that don't fit into an existing, defined breed standard and/or who do not meet Single Registration requirements for their desired breed.
  • For example, Bully-type dogs not of proper type to fit the UKC American Bully requirements will receive a listing certificate designating them as an American Exhibition Bully instead. The American Exhibition Bully is not eligible for conformation and receives no breeding rights; but these dogs may participate in any appropriate UKC performance events.
  • Defined breeds not yet recognized by UKC who would like to utilize Bloodlines Listing Service to further develop their breeds are encouraged to apply for new breed recognition following these steps.

My dog received Bloodlines listing papers back from UKC. What does this mean?
Your dog is eligible for any appropriate UKC performance event, like agility, obedience, dock jumping, and more. Your dog is not eligible for conformation as it did not meet breed standard requirements (perhaps for color, size, or some other physical attribute which is considered a disqualification). Pups from your dog are not eligible for litter registration.

I want my dog to receive Bloodlines listing papers. What should I do?
Apply via Single Registration. Any unrecognized breed will be reflected as UNR for unrecognized. Bully-type dogs not meeting UKC American Bully breed requirements and type will be granted an American Exhibition Bully certificate instead and are not eligible for conformation or breeding.

If my dog has Bloodlines credentials, is it UKC registered?
Your dog is eligible to participate in performance events like Agility, Obedience, Dock Jumping, and more! Your dog is not eligible for conformation; no litters may be registered from your dog.