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OFFICIAL: Oxford Dog Sports / Sunday, Lure Coursing Meet 1

September 4, 2016

Location: Princeton, Ontario

JUDGE: Katie Stoyles
Listed Entry
CA Thunder, Lynn Wonchala, Border Collie
CAX USJ Bode, Cheryl Weidner, Golden Retriever
PTA CAX UJJ Tommy, Cheryl Weidner, Golden Retriever
CAX Sadie Lynn, Shannon Peirce, Unrecognized
CAX Linwell's Adelaide Nevertheles, Diane Grainger, Cairn Terrier
NV NC PTE URO1 UCD CAX Barben's Upsa Daesy, Hans Handke, Vizsla
Listed Entry
UNJ CAX CH URO1 Varazs Mokany Kiralyi Orban, Corrine Sellars And Sylvia T Dorosh, Vizsla
CA CH Tresrullah's Comic Book Guy, Katherine Lucas, Brenda-lee Hoskins, Paige Hoskins, Carrie Lucas, Australian Shepherd
CAX GRCH Lauris Norse Goddess At Balfox, Lisa Tofsrud, Standard Poodle
CH Kostlich Jaxson Zee V Winterfell, Rebecca L Chriscoe, Rottweiler
PTS CA UAGI NN URO2 AI AC UNJ CH Cher Car's Django Unchained, Kristen Vaccariello, Dutch Shepherd
CA Jaset Sanvar California Girl, Tracy Andrews, Standard Poodle
NE PTA Mckenzie May, Megan Pettypiece, Unrecognized
CH Eremey Son Lari Iz Terimka, Svetlana Lochan, Black Russian Terrier
CA Bt Manhatten On A Whim, Karen Ryder, Unrecognized

NV NE CH Urban Legends' Twist Of Fate, Maryann Nemisz, Thai Ridgeback

Reg Stakes
Listed Entry, ROUND 3
NV NE CH Urban Legends' Twist Of Fate, Maryann Nemisz, Thai Ridgeback, ROUND 4, BL
CT CH'PR'Starfyre Chrysocolla, Ruth Ann Miller, Silken Windhound, ROUND 5, BL
AE AI PTE AV NN URO1 CCM GRCH Urban Legends Canadian Jewel, Mary Ann Nemisz, Thai Ridgeback, ROUND 2
STAKE #: 1
CCM NHD SC AV NE PTE CCB GRCH Lakilanni Hot Rod Lincoln SPOT, Laurie Soutar, ROUND 2, BL
CCM NC PTM CH Lakilanni School's Out, Linda Zucker, ROUND 3
CCB CH Lepus Mountain Dew Typhoon, Roberta A Jamieson, ROUND 3
CA CH Lepus Rhapsody In The Rain, Roberta A Jamieson, ROUND 4, BL
CCB GRCH Lepus Fire And Rain, Roberta A Jamieson, ROUND 5
CCB CH Lepus Harry Potter, Roberta Jamieson, ROUND 2