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OFFICIAL: Oxford Dog Sports / Monday, Lure Coursing Meet 2

September 5, 2016

Location: Princeton, Ontario

JUDGE: Katie Stoyles
Listed Entry
Listed Entry
CAX Sadie Lynn, Shannon Peirce, Unrecognized
CAX Linwell's Adelaide Nevertheles, Diane Grainger, Cairn Terrier
NV NC PTE URO1 UCD CAX Barben's Upsa Daesy, Hans Handke, Vizsla
UNJ CAX CH URO1 Varazs Mokany Kiralyi Orban, Corrine Sellars And Sylvia T Dorosh, Vizsla
CAX GRCH Lauris Norse Goddess At Balfox, Lisa Tofsrud, Standard Poodle
CT Castlekeep Mountaindew Voltage, Jennifer L Johansson, Whippet