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OFFICIAL: South Texas Nosework Dogs (10/13/2018) / Nosework - Sunday, Trial 2

October 14, 2018

Hosted By: South Texas Nosework Dogs

Location: Houston, Texas

Judge: Debbie Farmer La Mont

Exterior Novice A
1st NI PTA Epic's Calypso, Sandra Bertram, English Springer Spaniel, Nov Ext P
2nd NE NC PTE UCD Eli Vom Haus Warden, Rita Ledda, German Shepherd Dog, Nov Ext P

Exterior Novice B
1st NE NV AI PTS Brown Sugar!, Patricia Roddy, Unrecognized, Nov Ext P HIT
2nd NE NI PTS Lady Faye, Sandra L Jobes, Border Collie, Nov Ext P
3rd NI PTA Fire In The Hole Raylan, Margret Wilson, English Cocker Spaniel, Nov Ext P
4th NI PTA Oak Valley Hershey Cocoa, Sherry Hull, Unrecognized, Nov Ext P
NI Bridan Boot Scootin Boogie, David Zukoff, Joni Zukoff, Border Terrier, Nov Ext P

Exterior Advanced A
1st NN AV AI AC PTS Springtime Texas Jazz, Tara Dittmann, Shetland Sheepdog, Adv Ext P HIT
2nd NN PTS Wedgwood's Momentum, Kathleen A Gmitter, English Springer Spaniel, Adv Ext P

Exterior Advanced B
1st AE AV SI NN PTE Kia Ora, Patricia Roddy, Australian Cattle Dog, Adv Ext P

Exterior Superior A
1st AI AV NN SE PTE Blue Holiday, Anne Rockwell Alberts, Australian Shepherd, Sup Ext P HIT

Exterior Superior B
1st SE SI AN PTE MC Lykan's Casanova's Downfall, Lorraine M Niskala And Stacey Hayes, Italian Greyhound, Sup Ext P

Exterior Master A
1st EI SN EV Deana Vom Dreieck, Kathleen M Brady, German Shepherd Dog, Mst Ext P
2nd SI CH SE URO1 AN PTE Northstar's Texas Ranger, Elaine Richman, Doberman Pinscher, Mst Ext P

Exterior Master B
1st SE AN MI SV PTE Vintage Song Of Celebration, Cyndy Davis, Golden Retriever, Mst Ext P HIT
2nd SC EI SE AN Ace's Mr Spock, Ginny Conway, Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Mst Ext P

Exterior Elite B
1st EE EV EI MN Whistle, Christy Bergeon, Unrecognized, Elt Ext P HIT

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