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OFFICIAL: Autumn Oaks / Conformation - Thursday

August 30, 2018

Location: Richmond, Indiana

American B & T Coonhound, 10 Entries
Judge Heidi Scheff
Male Puppy BM 'PR'Laurelvalley Abe & Annies Outlaw, Kelly Myers, Dave Myers
Jr. Male GRCH'PR'Nightshift Ace, Greg Goodin
Int. Male CH'PR'Runks Ol Abraham, Dallas Runk
Adult Male RBM CH'PR'Scarberry's Double Shot Cowboy, Laura Haas, Elizabeth Nidy
Jr. Female 'PR'Gilman's Smalltime Scandal, David Gilman
Int. Female BF BOW GRCH'PR'Little Walnut Black Galaxy, George Estes, Vallen L Nelson, David Harrison, Marissa Turner
Adult Female RBF GRCH'PR'Impressive Mercedes, Paul Fearneyhough
CH BOB CH CCH'PR'Deepsouth Tailgates N Tanlines, Madison Fancher
RCH CCH CH Nidy's One & Only Aurora, Elizabeth Nidy

American Leopard Hound, 13 Entries
Judge Stanley J Matsumoto
Jr. Male 'PR'Here For The Party, Janet Davidson-butcher, Jackie Carpenter
Int. Male RBM Tbk's Tree Toppin Solo, Megan Biery, Miles Biery
Adult Male GRCH Thunderstruck Silver Nugget, Haley Creasman And Effrem Creasman
BHM BM BOW BOB GRCH'PR'Thndrstrk Skin That Smoke Wagon, Haley Creasman, Effrem Creasman
Female Puppy 'PR'Walnut Ridge Fire & Ice, Mandy Middleton
Int. Female RBF CH'PR'Rowdyridge's Midnight M.i.a., Buddy Ray, Bethany Ray
BHF BF CH'PR'Duncan Creek Midnight Lolita, Kelli Dawson
CH CH CCH Walnut Ridge Ringtail Havok, Mandy Middleton, Ralph I Fussnecker
RCH CH CCH'PR'Thndrstrk I'm Your Huckleberry, Morgan Elburn, Haley Creasman

Bluetick Coonhound, 22 Entries
Judge Stanley J Matsumoto
Male Puppy BM 'PR'Heritage Rhythm N' Brews, Megan Biery, Brenna Carlisle
Int. Male CH'PR'Heritage Make It Rain, Brenna Carlisle, Joseph Carlisle
Adult Male GRNITECH GRCH'PR'Williams What Now Roho, Sabrina Ray
BHM RBM 'PR'Eee Tale Of A Wrangler, Jewel E Edman, Parry R Edman
Female Puppy 'PR'Heritage Whiskey Lullabuy, Brenna Carlisle, Martin Carlisle
Jr. Female BF BOW BOB 'PR'Mighty Blue Virginia Bell, Laura Gregory
Int. Female 'PR'Rockin W's Blue Clear Skyy, Whitney Killough
Adult Female RBF CH'PR'Rockin W Good Golly Miss Molly, Andi Emory, Niki Rorvik
BHF GRCH'PR'Baer Creek Outlaw Showtime Jj, Jewel Edman
CH CCH GRCH'PR'Blue Power Rock My World, Diann Stine Or Wes Stine
RCH GRCH GRNITECH CCH'PR'Grandrivers Blue And Evil, Marissa Turner, Jeremy Drain

English Coonhound, 24 Entries
Judge Heidi Scheff
Male Puppy RBM 'PR'Wilsons Flamin Redhot Fireball, Karhli Wilson
Jr. Male 'PR'Eee Max It Out, Parry R Edman, Jewel Edman
Int. Male BM 'PR'Nagy's Southern Sea Dog, Ben Nagy, Tesla Nagy
Adult Male 'PR'Spieth's Moonlight Ruger, Sianna Spieth, Jason Spieth
BHM CH'PR'Ky Mtn Fights Like Balboa, Penny Jessup
Female Puppy 'PR'Spieth's Moonlight Mystery, Sianna Spieth, Jason Spieth
Jr. Female CH'PR'Taylor Made Miss Kitty Russell, Lesa Watson
Int. Female RBF GRCH'PR'Southeasterns Ky Mtn Sweet Dreams, Rhonda Brown, Darrell Brown
Adult Female CH'PR'Flat Rocks Scoopn Up Daisies, Shane Beddingfield, Lisa Beddingfield
BHF BF BOW 'PR'Ky Mtn Cinderella Girl Crush, Penny Jessup
CH BOB CCH GRCH'PR'Moonlight's Most Wanted In Blue, Sianna L Spieth, Tricia L Snedegar
RCH CCH GRCH'PR'Kentucky Mtn Triple Edge Tess, Penny Jessup, Jody Jessup

Plott Hound, 8 Entries
Judge Stanley J Matsumoto
BHM BM 'PR'Suncrest Can't Stop Stylin', Becky Church, Don Church
Jr. Female 'PR'Showbiz Shake The Sugar Tree, Ladonna Taylor, Jeremy Taylor
Int. Female BF BOW CH'PR'Woodward's Rag Mtn Nikita, Jason L Woodward, Katie L Jenkins
Adult Female RBF CH'PR'Co Line Liveoaks Hart Won't Lie, Rita Ellis, Penny Jessup
CH BOB GRCH CCH'PR'Suncrest Significant Promise, Becky Church, Don Church
RCH CCH GRCH'PR'County Line Roosevelt, Christina M Officer, Penny Jessup

Redbone Coonhound, 20 Entries
Judge Stanley J Matsumoto
Jr. Male 'PR'Wabashrvr Hit Me Lika Huricane, Niki Rorvik
Int. Male BM CH'PR'Rode In On A Tx Tornado, Janet Davidson-butcher, Melesa Mc Nutt
Adult Male 'PR'Darnobid's Moonshine Runner, Rae Owen
BHM RBM FCH CH'PR'Grandriver This Is How We Roll, Marissa Turner, Jeff Woods
Female Puppy 'PR'My Come And Get It @ Foxbrooke, Danielle York, Kristin Lawless
Jr. Female 'PR'Benson's My Whispering Breeze, Peggi Benson, Danielle York, Jerry Benson, Monty York
Adult Female RBF GRCH'PR'Wabash River Wild Side, Nicole Rorvik, Curtis Elburn, Morgan Elburn
BHF BF BOW 'PR'Wabash River Pickin Wildflowers, Andi Emory
CH CGRCH GRCH'PR'No Rhyme Or Reason, Shane Tipton Or Jamie Crigger
RCH CH CCH'PR'Carolina Muddy River Penny, Ginger L Smith
GRCH BOB GRCH FCH CGRCH'PR'Grandrivers It Is What It Is, Marissa Turner

Treeing Walker Coonhound, 41 Entries
Judge Heidi Scheff
Jr. Male 'PR'Sideshow Behind The Sun, Leslie Brooks, Eric Brooks
Int. Male BM GRCH'PR'Second Winds Barnabas, Janis Hunter
Adult Male RBM GRCH'PR'Sideshow The Hit Man, Erica Carpenter
Female Puppy 'PR'Stackem Up My Sass A Frass, Tricia L Snedegar, Danielle York, Monty York
Jr. Female 'PR'Cabin Creek Honey Bee, Jeremiah Carpenter
Int. Female BF BOW GRCH'PR'Red Eagle Second Wind, Lisa Hunziker
Adult Female RBF CH'PR'Lostheritage Laurel Valley Liv, Kelly Myers, Cole Vanover
CH CCH CH'PR'Keowee River Margo, Brooke Earl
RCH GRCH CCH'PR'Stackemup Postcard From Paris, Jessica Rentfro And Tricia Snedegar
GRCH BOB GRCH CGRCH'PR'Grandrivers Bonified City Boy, Marissa Turner, Susan Anderson

BIS English Coonhound, CCH GRCH'PR'Moonlight's Most Wanted In Blue, Sianna L Spieth, Tricia L Snedegar
RBIS Plott Hound, GRCH CCH'PR'Suncrest Significant Promise, Becky Church, Don Church