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OFFICIAL: European Toy Fox Terrier Association (08/18/2018) / Conformation - Saturday

August 18, 2018

Hosted By: European Toy Fox Terrier Association

Location: Kirkkonummi

Alaskan Klee Kai, 7 Entries
Judge Paul G Bruneau
Jr. Male RBMV 'PR'Wiebelhusky's The Great Ulf, Sveta Grun
Adult Male BMV BM BOW BOB 'PR'Wiebelhuskys Echo, Jenita Parssinen
Jr. Female RBFV RBF 'PR'Hd's Fulfiller Of Wishes, Andrew Griffin
Adult Female BFV BF 'PR'Macmali's Foxy Lady V Ninja, Tuulia Saarenpaa
Male Puppy 'PR'Louvel Expecto Patronum, Stephanie Roulet
Jr. Male RBMV USA UFA'PR'Hd's The Might Of Mjolnir, Elina Darling
Adult Male BMV RBM 'PR'Angels Crest Niki V Cruiser, Victoria Nuottanen, Aki Peiju

American Hairless Terrier, 1 Entry
Judge Paul G Bruneau
Adult Female BFV BF BOB USA UFA Sarantais Ljuva Lucia, Sari Uusitalo

Rat Terrier, 2 Entries
Judge Paul G Bruneau
Female Puppy BFV BF 'PR'K2's Black Diamond @ Sarantais, Tracey A Kallas
CH BOB CH'PR'Warrenmtn's Red Velvet Legacy, Eevamaija Norha, Sari Uusitalo

Toy Fox Terrier, 11 Entries
Judge Paul G Bruneau
Jr. Male BM 'PR'Marits Striking Brownie, Pirkko Niiranen, Pauliina Niiranen, Henry Niiranen
Jr. Female Listed Entry
Int. Female BF BOW BOB USA UFA'PR'Senefi's White Fantasy, Susanna Lehvonen
Adult Female RBF UFA'PR'Icefox Keep Up With The Story, Anita Pesola
CH URO1 CH USR UFR'PR'Icefox Senefi Fly Up High Indy, Emma Mussalo
RCH CH USA UFA'PR'Dunkel's Fancy Gabby, Emma Mussalo
GRCH UWP URO2 UFR GRCH'PR'Senefi's Brown Oscar, Christin Keinanen

BIS Alaskan Klee Kai, 'PR'Wiebelhuskys Echo, Jenita Parssinen
RBIS Toy Fox Terrier, USA UFA'PR'Senefi's White Fantasy, Susanna Lehvonen

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