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OFFICIAL: Companion Dog Club Of Tulsa Inc (06/29/2018) / Nosework - Friday, Trial 2

June 29, 2018

Hosted By: Companion Dog Club Of Tulsa Inc

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Judge: Richard Beezley

Handler Novice A
1st PTA UCD URO3 Minda The Gods Have Spoken SPOT-ON, Barbara Sikkink, Akita, Nov P HIT
2nd NN AI AC PTE Tri-satin's Della, Stepfanie Shaulis, Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Nov P
3rd NHD AI NE NV PTE Amigas' Fast And Falfurrias, Teresa Parquer-vargas, Border Terrier, Nov P

Handler Novice B
1st EN Riley Riles, Ellen Heavner, Unrecognized, Nov P
2nd NE NC PTA The Jazz Man, Georgann Hughes, Pekingese, Nov P
3rd NI UJJ NC AV PTE Jbart Magnificent Maggie Mae, Jan Hitchborn, Min American Shepherd, Nov P
4th NV PTE Stonefox Special Tactics, Caroline Oldham, Edward Oldham, Belgian Shepherd Dog, Nov P
SE SC SI NN PTE Liswyn's Ynisette Of Shiloh, Patricia L Randall, Belgian Shepherd Dog, Nov P
AI AC PTE URO1 Raven, Rebecca Dinkins, Unrecognized, Nov P

Handler Advanced A
1st ME AHD SN EC URO3 UCD Reeder's Scooter Bug, Nancy Reeder And Frank Reeder, Beagle, Adv P HIT
2nd AI NN NHD PTE MC UACH Deshler's Cocoa Dolce, Judy A Mc Bay, Kay O'bryant, Poodle, Adv P
3rd NHD URX ME MI MC UROC ALCH SN UCDX Xivkarat Stormfront At Talyten, Lynda Gayle Portiss, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Adv P
4th SE MI AHD SC AN PTE URO1 Killian Trimmell, Kristen Trimmell, Unrecognized, Adv P
AI NHD AC AV PTE NN Bcrt Nothin' But Net, Georgann Truitt Hughes, Border Collie, Adv P
AI AV NN PTE NHD SC Wildtrouts Sunshine Smile, Tom Januszewski, Golden Retriever, Adv P
MI ME NHD SN MC PTE Burr Oak Foehn Winds Fun, Charlotte Norris, Belgian Shepherd Dog, Adv P
AV AI AHD NN PTE Lk Tudors Bring Back The Rowdy, Lee Blankenship, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Adv P

Handler Advanced B
1st PTE NN USJ NHD URO1 CH SV AE AC Old Drums Rockin New Years Eva, Sandy Woodruff, Doberman Pinscher, Adv P
2nd AV SI NN AHD MC PTE UACHX'PR'Aacres Storm Surge, Ramona Stanfield, Rat Terrier, Adv P

Handler Excellent A
1st URO3 UCDX EHD EN UACHX Jenmist's Boonshadow SPOT, Sally B Harris, Gordon Harris, German Shorthaired Pntr, Exc P
2nd AE SI NN AHD SC PTE URO2 UGRACH3 Skyler, Barbara Parker, Amb, Exc P
3rd MI AHD SN EC URO2 UCD Dear Abby SPOT, Teresa Doerksen Or Brian Doerksen, Amb, Exc P
4th MI SN AHD PTE Elfame Faery Cake, Steve Bull, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Exc P
AV AE AI UCD AHD NN PTE Mabry's Last Ditch Effort, Jerry H Mabry, Julia M Mabry, Boxer, Exc P
MI EHD SN EC URO3 UCD UGRACH Ganderhill's Princess Kanali, Jeri Lynn Hajek, Labrador Retriever, Exc P

Handler Excellent B
1st EHD EN URO3 UCDX Hershey Kiss, Edward Oldham And Caroline Oldham, Labrador Retriever, Exc P HIT
2nd PTE MC AHD SN UAGI Sandjo's Rumor Has It, Sandy Woodruff, Doberman Pinscher, Exc P
3rd MI SE MC EHD AN PTE UACH Pancho, Rebecca Dinkins, Amb, Exc P
4th SE AHD SC AN PTE Fireside's Don't Fall For Her, Caroline Oldham, Welsh Springer Spaniel, Exc P
SI SV AHD AN EC Jack Of The Hill SPOT, Gretchen Hannefield, American Eskimo, Exc P

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