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OFFICIAL: UKC Premier (06/14/2018) / Nosework - Sunday, Trial 1

June 17, 2018

Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan

Judge: Robert Rodriguez

Vehicle Novice A
1st NV NC URO1 Finns Rainbows Finally Tristan, Stacey Hare, Unrecognized, Nov Veh P
2nd NV CA NE GRCH Hanae Go Sawadaka Kensha, Claire Matthews, Japanese Akita, Nov Veh P
3rd NV CH Futami Go Kaijusou, Mira Micin, Japanese Akita, Nov Veh P
4th NN PTA CA URO2 SHR GRCH UJJ Fireside Stand-up Sitcom, Cheryl A Ertelt, Flat-coated Retriever, Nov Veh P
NV NI SC CH PTE Brokenroad Time's A Wastin', Charlene Wiglesworth, Podengo Portugueso, Nov Veh P
Listed Entry, Nov Veh P

Vehicle Novice B
1st NV NE CH AC Heatherbrae's Black Pearl, Carol Lee Lybarger, Gordon Setter, Nov Veh P HIT
2nd SHR NI SC URO1 AHD PTE CH Blackwood's Special Ops SPOT, Alberta Hoikka, Larry Hoikka, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Nov Veh P
3rd SE SI URX UCD AN UAGI EC GJJCH UWP CAX UROC GRCH Rav'nleigh's Lil' Bit Of Mayhem, Jennifer Wahlund, Border Collie, Nov Veh P
4th NV NC PTM URX ALGRCH UCD UROC UAGI CH Sailen Acres King Of The Bandits, Laura S Richardson Or Jaycee Cartmell, Australian Shepherd, Nov Veh P

Vehicle Advanced A
1st AV VPA AP2 UAGII SC PTE UWPV RATN NN UCD URX CH UGWPCH UROG Dandelion's I Shot The Sheriff SPOT-ON, Dalana Bewley Huss And Brian Huss, Portuguese Water Dog, Adv Veh P
2nd AV AC AI NN NHD PTE CH Downhome Enchantress, Charlene Wiglesworth, Harrier, Adv Veh P
3rd NI NV SC CH PTE Sassy Lane's Impish Spirit, Susan Stevens-schultz, Jeffrey Stevens-schultz, Boxer, Adv Veh P
4th AN SC GRCH Romancin's Same Bat Time SPOT, Vicki Armstrong, Cocker Spaniel, Adv Veh P
AI NN'PR'Clayborn's Ignite The Night, Kathryn Houghton, Silken Windhound, Adv Veh P

Vehicle Advanced B
1st SE SI URX UCD AN UAGI EC GJJCH UWP CAX UROC GRCH Rav'nleigh's Lil' Bit Of Mayhem, Jennifer Wahlund, Border Collie, Adv Veh P HIT
2nd URO1 CH NE AV SC Tollhaus You Decorated My Life, Susan Balsiger, Bernese Mountain Dog, Adv Veh P
3rd AV NI SC CH Locust Grove's Southern Cross, Carol Lee Lybarger, Gordon Setter, Adv Veh P

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