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OFFICIAL: United Greyhound Club / Lure Coursing - Friday, Meet 2

June 15, 2018

Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan

Judge: Heather L Minnich
Trial 2

URO1 CAX CH Tresrullah's Comic Book Guy, Katherine Lucas, Brenda-lee Hoskins, Paige Hoskins, Carrie Lucas, Australian Shepherd
UUJCH UUFCH UCD UWP PTS CAX UAGI NN URO3 AI AC CH Cher Car's Django Unchained, Kristen Vaccariello, Dutch Shepherd
CA NI NC PTA USJ Chercars Relentless Storm Surge, Debra Hebeler, Belgian Shepherd Dog
USA UFA CAX URO1 UACHX Dazzle Run To Victory, Erika Burdette, Miniature Schnauzer
CA GRCH Keelmtn Bless Your Heart, Leslie Gene Reed, Pembroke Welsh Corgi
CA CH Keelmtn Hijinks, Leslie Gene Reed, Pembroke Welsh Corgi
VPN AP GNJCH PTS CA UWP URO1 RATN GRCH Alpine's Sweet Chocolate Chip SPOT-ON, Dalana Bewley Huss, American Pit Bull Terrier
CAX CH Dtm Three Times The Charm, Carol Derie, Rat Terrier
CA UWPV USA UFA UWPCH UNJ Laferriere's Disturbing The Peace, Genevieve Laferriere, American Pit Bull Terrier
CA AP VPA UWPO USJCH UGWPCH CH La Ferriere's Winds Of Change, Genevieve La Ferriere, American Pit Bull Terrier
NBOB USA UFA CA UWP GRCH Wmk's Cut The Line @ Vntg, Valerie Ann Piltz, Karyn S Pingel, Ryan Pingel, Sydney Paxton, American Hairless Terrier
VPE AP3 USA UFA CAS RATN UWPS UEWPCH GRCH Wmk's Little Oak Kodyak@vntg SPOT-ON, Valerie Ann Piltz, June Pasko, Sydney Paxton, American Hairless Terrier
CH CAS'PR'Boston's Stetson, Helen M Kutska Or Melanie A Kutska, Alaskan Klee Kai
CA USJ EN CH Cher Car's American Freedom SPOT-ON, Carolyn R Muessman, Dutch Shepherd
CA CH Jacknic's Lil Red SPOT, Stephanie Murphy, Standard Poodle
URO1 UJJ CAX GRCH Aiofe Mae Conquer Of Hdk SPOT, Sheila Mannel, American Bulldog
Listed Entry
AP VPN GJJCH CA UWPCH Iyong Tapat Kaibigan, Stephanie J Markgraf, Unrecognized
CA UNJCH UFA'PR'Cher Car's Nasty Girl, Carole Field, Parson Russell Terrier
CA UACH Winters Maximum Overdrive SPOT-ON, Kimberly Charles, Shetland Sheepdog
CAS URO1 GRCH Mojo's King Of Thorne, Morgan Stanley, German Shepherd Dog
CA UFA'PR'Chief Wilson Smudge, Leann Lafay, Parson Russell Terrier
CA CH Snowspirits Andeye Amalthat, Marcha Garn, Tibetan Mastiff
Listed Entry
USJ CA CH Cher Car's Scrappy Doo, Brittany Behm, Ryan Behm, Dutch Shepherd
Listed Entry
CA USF CH UJJCH Stk9's What Memories R Made Of SPOT-ON, Shannon Davis, Labrador Retriever
CA URO1 CH Makovey Noch Na Kupalu, Tatiana Tchoudinova, Black Russian Terrier
UWP Qiwi Vom Sudenblick, Tanya Yost, German Shepherd Dog
CH UWP Capri Vom Sudenblick, Tanya Yost, German Shepherd Dog
UWP Kraken Vom Sudenblick, Tanya Yost, German Shepherd Dog
Cudo Vom Sudenblick, Tanya Yost, German Shepherd Dog
CA Midnight Twister, Nathan Ledoux, Dutch Shepherd
CA CH URO1 Remark Sedona Sunrise, Erica Ledoux, Vizsla
Listed Entry
Listed Entry
Listed Entry
CH'PR'Denwolf's Paladin, Denese Wolfson, German Shepherd Dog
Iggy Vom Sudenblick, Tanya Yost, German Shepherd Dog
CA USA UFA URO1 D&m's Git-r-done, A Allen, Beagle
CA Chercars Tasmaniandevil, Tanya Menard, Burt Menard, Dutch Shepherd
URO1 UJJ CH CA Bnj Ordinary Hero SPOT, Deanna Glasgow, German Shorthaired Pntr
CA URO1 GRCH 1fc I'm Not All About That, Ray Jones, Kristy Jones, Standard Poodle
CH USJCH Chercar's 1 Singular Sensation, Kelly Reed Lucas, Dutch Shepherd
GRCH Mc Cabe Creek Gust Over Rimfire, Danielle Madore, Labrador Retriever
CA GRCH Sky Spirit Arch Rival, Victoria Nacke, Dachshund
CA UFA UWPV AP VPN UWPCH URO1 GRCH'PR'Smalltown's Locked And Loaded SPOT-ON, Crystal M Muller, Danielle Renaud, American Pit Bull Terrier
CA UGRACH Winters Ktmystieyes SPOT-ON, Kimberly Charles, Shetland Sheepdog
URO2 CA GRCH Piper Vom Royale, Sarah Blesch, Gail Bauer, German Shepherd Dog
GJJCH VPN AP2 RATN USA UFA CAX UWPS GRCH UEWPCH Alpine's Lbk Hearts On Fire SPOT-ON, Valerie Ann Piltz, Karen Thomason, Ed Thomason, American Pit Bull Terrier

Reg Stakes

STAKE #: 1
CCB PTA CH Lakilanni Thick As A Brick, Laurie Soutar, ROUND 4, BL
EC CTX EHD CCM URO1 MN CCB GRCH Lakilanni Wish You Were Here SPOT-ON, Laurie Soutar, ROUND 2
URO1 CH PTN Golightly Lakilanni White Rabbit, Linda Zucker, Laurie Soutar, ROUND 5
PTN CH Lakilanni Shell Adore Me, Carrie Lucas, Laurie Soutar, ROUND 3
CH Lakilanni Hoosier Daddy, Laurie Soutar, Megan Willis-redfern, Greyhound, ROUND 4, BL
CT CH Silhouette's Breaking Silence, Ariel Dupree, Shawn Cooper, Whippet, ROUND 5, BL
Listed Entry, ROUND 2
GRCH Allal Wa N'sahel's Bagan, Alberta Evans, R Winn Conaway, Azawakh, ROUND 3, BL

STAKE #: 2
CCM GRCH Lakilanni Halfmoon Blue Bayou, Heather Minnich, ROUND 4, BL
Lakilanni Halfmoon Highway Star, Heather Minnich, ROUND 2
SC AN CTX CA URO1 CCM PTM GRCH Lakilanni School's Out SPOT, Linda Zucker, ROUND 5
URO1 CCB CH Lakilanni Rosewood August Moon, Leslie Reeve, ROUND 2