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OFFICIAL: Nolypen Nosers (11/03/2017) / Nosework - Saturday, Trial 1

November 4, 2017

Hosted By: Nolypen Nosers

Location: Sequim, Washington

Judge: Carrie Reeves

Vehicle Novice A
1st Listed Entry, Nov Veh P
2nd NC NV NI PTS Hyak Ohana Kaiminani, Glenda Cable, Standard Poodle, Nov Veh P
3rd NN Sir Issac Ohm Aka Ike, Kathy Ohm, Labrador Retriever, Nov Veh P
4th NC NV PTM Tanaki's Charlie Rose, Enid Phreaner, Portuguese Water Dog, Nov Veh P
PTN Griffin G Graycloak, Kathleen D Schmidt, Cairn Terrier, Nov Veh P
PTA Miss Understood, Vicki Swann, Weimaraner, Nov Veh P
PTN Tudorose Will Go Catch A Keta, Linda D Mc Cullough, Standard Poodle, Nov Veh P
NN Saffron Langley, Anita Mc Millan, Golden Retriever, Nov Veh P
Kody My Boy Dundee, Susie Metzger, Golden Retriever, Nov Veh P
NN PTA Boo, Linda Keck, Jack Russell Terrier, Nov Veh P
PTA Howlin Hercules, Vicki Swann, Unrecognized, Nov Veh P
PTN Izzarella Sue, Susan Carver, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Nov Veh P
NC NE NI Rembrandt's Ivory, Anita Mc Millan, Stabyhoun, Nov Veh P
PTA Rocky The Rockstar, Margaret Delory, Min American Shepherd, Nov Veh P
NC Pacificcrest Back To The Start, Kathleen Knoblock, Newfoundland, Nov Veh P
Jasper Adamson, Kay Adamson, Standard Poodle, Nov Veh P

Vehicle Novice B
1st NC NI NE PTS Jack, Kathy Weaver, Belgian Shepherd Dog, Nov Veh P HIT
2nd NE NI Corwin, Alex Albuerne, Unrecognized, Nov Veh P
3rd NC NE China Tea, Judith Winthrop, Unrecognized, Nov Veh P
4th NE NI NC Manaca's You're My Sunshine, Courtney Searls-Ridge, English Cocker Spaniel, Nov Veh P

Vehicle Advanced A
1st AI NN SC SE Weathermans 1st Lady Roosevelt, Rachelle J Lewis, Shetland Sheepdog, Adv Veh P HIT
2nd AC AV NN PTM Shingo's Workin' For Cookies, Chris Witmer, Unrecognized, Adv Veh P

Vehicle Advanced B
1st Joe Cool, Judith Winthrop, Unrecognized, Adv Veh P

Vehicle Superior A
1st SV SE AN Auld 'n Karjo's Izn't She Lovely, Karla Anderson, Karen Spurlin, English Cocker Spaniel, Sup Veh P HIT
2nd SV SE Salty Silas Of The Salish Sea, Nancy Z Bogues, Dachshund, Sup Veh P
3rd SC AN PTM Piper Lanarkstone Falling Star, Mary Shaver, W.highland White Terrier, Sup Veh P

Vehicle Superior B
1st AN Archie Merinar, Claire Merinar, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Sup Veh P HIT
2nd SN PTE Cody, Kathy Weaver, Parson Russell Terrier, Sup Veh P
3rd Invalid Entry
4th SN PTE Jamie Is My Darling, Kay Thoreson, Shetland Sheepdog, Sup Veh P

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