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OFFICIAL: K-9 Sports Club (09/30/2017) / Nosework - Sunday, Trial 2

October 1, 2017

Hosted By: K-9 Sports Club

Location: Adel, Iowa

Judge: Joanne Soyke

Vehicle Novice A
1st NV AI NC CH Old Drum's Red Rockefeller SPOT, Kelley Frary, Ali Doughty, Doberman Pinscher, Nov Veh P
2nd NV NI PTE URO1 Mister Detroit, Theresa Finken, Roger Finken, Unrecognized, Nov Veh P
3rd NV Riley, Angie Granzow, Unrecognized, Nov Veh P
4th NV NI PTA Jake Turpin, Suzanne Tomlinson, Border Collie, Nov Veh P
PTN Chetcote Vintage Ebony, Cathy Wilson, Rod Wilson, Bearded Collie, Nov Veh P
Listed Entry, Nov Veh P
PTA Trips To Win, Barbara Burley, Miniature Schnauzer, Nov Veh P
NV AI NC PTS Eromit's Glitzy's Gold Rush, Jeff Hartzler, Michele Hartzler, Labrador Retriever, Nov Veh P
NV NI Mytdog's T-rex, Susan Barnes, Unrecognized, Nov Veh P

Vehicle Novice B
1st NV PTM Itza Lil' Trouble Maker, Jennifer Vincent, Unrecognized, Nov Veh P HIT
2nd NV AI PTS Pepper Hill's Lily, Mary Beth Haley, Beagle, Nov Veh P
3rd NV NC AI Pentangle's Quoth The Raven, Marilynn Snook, Bearded Collie, Nov Veh P
4th NV PTS Laurelton's Diamond Girl, Pat Herrick, Smooth Fox Terrier, Nov Veh P
NI NE Soundview's Star Spangled Savanna, Lyn Findley, Golden Retriever, Nov Veh P
NC PTA Winmere Glitter Goddess, Rebecca Gilchrist, Boxer, Nov Veh P
PTE L's Legacy Goin' In Style, Candy Henely, Miniature Schnauzer, Nov Veh P

Vehicle Advanced A
1st AV PTE Itza Turn Of Events, Jennifer Vincent, Border Collie, Adv Veh P HIT
2nd Listed Entry, Adv Veh P
3rd AV AI AC NN PTE Bradbury's Cross Your Eyes, Susan Volkmer, Pet Bst Griffon Vendeen, Adv Veh P
4th AI NN AE AC PTE Jusdandy Twilight Bright, Teresa Carlile, Shetland Sheepdog, Adv Veh P
AI NV AC PTE Vogel's Lady Bug Ii, Vikki Vogel, Pug, Adv Veh P
AN PTE Prairiewyn's Cupid's Golden Arrow, Theresa Finken, Roger Finken, Golden Retriever, Adv Veh P

Vehicle Advanced B
1st AN SC UCDX Water's Edge Tiki On Fire, Chris Eblen, Ns Duck Tolling Retriever, Adv Veh P
2nd AV AE NN AI PTE UAGII UCDX UROC Ruaraigh's Wild Irish Rose, Shirley J Harder, Kathryn J Brandt, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Adv Veh P
3rd AN MC Cedarlin's Graceful Beginnings, Rebecca Gilchrist, Boxer, Adv Veh P
AV AE NN PTE ALCH URO3 UCDX S&l's Painted Smile, Norine Nieman, Papillon, Adv Veh P

Vehicle Superior A
1st SI AN SC PTE Mr Fire Blue Dasher, Roni Thielsen, Min American Shepherd, Sup Veh P HIT
2nd MI AN URO2 SC PTE Maggie Mcdonald, Paige Mc Donald, Beth Mc Donald, Unrecognized, Sup Veh P

Vehicle Master B
1st SN Vintage Seyval Blanc, Marilynn Snook, Bearded Collie, Mst Veh P HIT
2nd MV MC ME PTE SN CH UUDX URX2 UROG UOCH Skyland Ricochet, Gerianne F Darnell, Border Collie, Mst Veh P

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