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OFFICIAL: Competition Dogs Of The Ozarks (08/19/2017) / Nosework - Sunday, Trial 2

August 20, 2017

Hosted By: Competition Dogs Of The Ozarks

Location: Springfield, Missouri

Judge: Karen A Shivers

PreTrial Advanced
NI PTA Sambuca Orsino, Ule James, Cirneco Dell'etna, Adv P
PTA Momentum's Reckless Heart, Ule James, Whippet, Adv P

Interior Novice A
1st NN PTA Show Me French Country Blues, Jenica Belsha, French Bulldog, Nov Int P HIT
2nd NI PTA Vivace Gold Don't Rust, Connie Austin, Whippet, Nov Int P
3rd NI Mister Mann, Lone Kearney, Standard Poodle, Nov Int P
4th PTN RATO CH Alouettes Lord Of The Rings, Susan Mc Sherry, Belgian Shepherd Dog, Nov Int P

Interior Advanced A
1st AI NC PTE Ace's Mr Spock, Ginny Conway, Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Adv Int P
2nd AI PTE Burr Oak Foehn Winds Fun, Charlotte Norris, Belgian Shepherd Dog, Adv Int P
3rd NI PTA Sambuca Orsino, Ule James, Cirneco Dell'etna, Adv Int P
4th NN PTA Dagon, Michelle Shadwick, Unrecognized, Adv Int P
NI PTA Baron Santo Vom Drache Feld, Tom Watson, German Shepherd Dog, Adv Int P

Interior Advanced B
1st AI AV NN PTE EHD UACHX 2fs Fisher Dog, Julie Free, Nathan Free, Parson Russell Terrier, Adv Int P HIT
2nd NN AC Living In Fast Forward, Nicole Jesky, Border Collie, Adv Int P
3rd NI UAGI Sandjo's Rumor Has It, Sandy Woodruff, Doberman Pinscher, Adv Int P
4th UCD NN UAGI URO2 PTE SC Pic N Ezee's What's Up Doc, Kathryn S Mc Hugh, Papillon, Adv Int P

Interior Superior A
1st NE NHD CA UCD ALCH PTE AC AI URO3 UNJ Water's Edge Light My Fire, Kathryn S Mc Hugh, Ns Duck Tolling Retriever, Sup Int P HIT

Interior Master B
1st SI SV AN PTE Omni, Catherine Hyatt, Unrecognized, Mst Int P HIT

Interior Elite A
1st URO1 MV AHD MI AN EC Mpacts Itazha, Sheryl Powers, Belgian Shepherd Dog, Elt Int P HIT

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