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OFFICIAL: South Texas Nosework Dogs / Nosework - Saturday, Trial 2

October 15, 2016

Location: Houston, Texas

Judge: Tracy Patton

High in Trial: SC SV NN SI PTE Keeva's Gus, Border Collie, Sally Campbell

Exterior Novice A
1st NN AC PTS Savannah, Lisa Lowenstein, Unrecognized, Nov Ext P
2nd SC SI PTE NV Eleanor Frisbee, Julie Morton, Unrecognized, Nov Ext P

Exterior Novice B
1st NC NE NI PTE Czechmate! 2-beers, Gretchen Jones, Border Collie, Nov Ext P
2nd NC NE Croswynd's Laniakea Luau, Jane Adams, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Nov Ext P
3rd Listed Entry, Nov Ext P
4th NN PTE SC Lykan's Casanova's Downfall, Lorraine M Niskala And Stacey Hayes, Italian Greyhound, Nov Ext P

Exterior Advanced A
1st NE PTS Pippa, Jessica Marziani, Unrecognized, Adv Ext P
2nd AI NN PTS Zootie Zoomer, Natalie H Wiest, English Springer Spaniel, Adv Ext P
3rd AV PTE SC SI NN Weatherby's Bluesman Brody, Fawn L Borger, Golden Retriever, Adv Ext P

Exterior Advanced B
1st SC SV NN SI PTE Keeva's Gus, Sally Campbell, Border Collie, Adv Ext P HIT
2nd Sizemore's Stormy Sky, Laura Sizemore, Beagle, Adv Ext P
3rd AI NN AV AC PTE Sophisticated Sioux-z Wag'n Tail, Stefani D Gantt, Australian Shepherd, Adv Ext P
4th MI SN PTE Chase Morgan Home, Kathleen Mc Cullough, Labrador Retriever, Adv Ext P
NN PTS URO1 CH Katoba's Miss Behaving, Elaine Richman, Doberman Pinscher, Adv Ext P

Exterior Superior A
1st GJJCH Charlie, Donna M Fluharty, Amb, Sup Ext P
2nd SE MC AN SI PTE Mystic Classic Timepiece, Mark Slevin, Golden Retriever, Sup Ext P
3rd SI MC AN PTE Shy'anne Pepperablo, Stefani D Gantt, Australian Shepherd, Sup Ext P

Exterior Elite A
1st EN Bold'n Saucy Mr. Carebear, Judith Bowers, Poodle, Elt Ext P

Exterior Elite B
1st EI EC EV MN Norwood Nada Freya Of Ewe, Christy Bergeon, Border Collie, Elt Ext P