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OFFICIAL: Oxford Dog Sports (07/15/2017) / Lure Coursing - Saturday, Meet 1

July 15, 2017

Hosted By: Oxford Dog Sports

Location: Elginburg, Ontario

Judge: Moyra J Hamilton

NI NE UAGI NC GRCH PTS URO2 CAX K-lar's Chocolate Charm Bijou SPOT, Laura Turner, Standard Poodle
CAX GRCH UAGII Winjammer's Nou Attitude, Pat Morgan, Belgian Shepherd Dog
Winjammer's Quick Chilled, Pat Morgan, Belgian Shepherd Dog
CA Imagine That Beretta, Becky Burgess, Border Collie
Listed Entry
Treebeard's Luxury Edition, Anne Poels, Barbet
Listed Entry
CA CH Tresrullah's Comic Book Guy, Katherine Lucas, Brenda-lee Hoskins, Paige Hoskins, Carrie Lucas, Australian Shepherd
Listed Entry
CA Nuance De La Terre Sauvage, Pat Morgan, Belgian Shepherd Dog

CT W/Comp
Listed Entry, w/Comp
Listed Entry, w/Comp

Reg Stakes

NC CH PTE Lakilanni Sunspot Baby SPOT, Stacy Pober, Greyhound, ROUND 3
MI AHD CCM URO1 PTE SN MC CCB GRCH Lakilanni Wish You Were Here SPOT-ON, Laurie Soutar, Greyhound, ROUND 4, BL
CH Lakilanni Noblesse Oblige, Lesley Byrne, Greyhound, ROUND 5
CA NE URO1 CCM NC PTM GRCH Lakilanni School's Out SPOT, Linda Zucker, Greyhound, ROUND 2

STAKE #: 1
URO1 ALCH Ocean's Sail Away, Elisa Holland, ROUND 3
Kisharo Lepus Blu River Rising, Roberta A Jamieson, ROUND 4, BL
CA CH Lepus Rhapsody In The Rain, Roberta A Jamieson, ROUND 5
Specialagent's Postmaster, William R Chapman, ROUND 2

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