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OFFICIAL: UKC Premier / Nosework - Saturday, Trial 2

June 17, 2017

Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan

Judge: Nancy K Anderson

Container Novice A
1st NN NHD UNJ PTE Marty Mcfly SPOT-ON, Kellie Smith, Labrador Retriever, Nov Cnt P HIT
2nd NC NE SHR URO2 CH Clarenjoy Caris Of Kingsbridge, Kathleen Stevens, Flat-coated Retriever, Nov Cnt P
3rd NC NE AV PTS URO2 CH Rouflers Simply Irresistible, Nicole Fochtman, Australian Cattle Dog, Nov Cnt P
4th NC Come Bye Rescue's Bounce N, Carrie Kelly, Unrecognized, Nov Cnt P
NC GNJCH NE NV PTS Cher Car's Fast N Furious Letty, Dorey M Brown, German Shepherd Dog, Nov Cnt P

Container Novice B
1st NV NC NE URO1 USJ CH Neverest Ruger, Rugged & Reliable, Tammy Strebe, Labrador Retriever, Nov Cnt P
2nd UAGI Safranne Marvelous Quicksilver, Lyndsay Klemens, Poodle, Nov Cnt P
3rd NC NV NE Sharin's Bonnie, Sharon J Bauer, Border Collie, Nov Cnt P
4th CH Irishcords Beauregard D'aahroo, Vickey Murphree, Cindy M Hartman, Porcelaine, Nov Cnt P
NV D&j Ha'aretz Opie, Donna Davison, Jackie Davison, Canaan Dog, Nov Cnt P
NC URO1 PTE Thunder Myst Four On The Fly, Laura Wiltshire, Betsy Bernock, Labrador Retriever, Nov Cnt P
NN PTA Capone, Katie Morgan, Unrecognized, Nov Cnt P
NC Heatherbrae's Black Pearl, Carol Lee Lybarger, Gordon Setter, Nov Cnt P

Container Advanced A
1st NV AC UAGI USA UFA URO1 PTE GRCH'PR'Aliak's Her Darkk Materials SPOT-ON, Jennifer Hsia, Alaskan Klee Kai, Adv Cnt P HIT
2nd UNJ AP VPA AC NHD AV PTE UAGII UWPO URX12 UGWPCH UCDX GRCH UROG Shorline Put The Lime Nda Coco SPOT-ON, Brian T Huss, Golden Retriever, Adv Cnt P

Container Advanced B
1st AC AE NN AI PTM GRCH Lillys Alexxander Ragtime, Arlene G King, Toy Fox Terrier, Adv Cnt P
2nd PTA URO1 NN GRCH Romancin's Same Bat Channel SPOT, Vicki Armstrong, Cocker Spaniel, Adv Cnt P
3rd AC CH Bepa Hot Tamale, Deborah Hedges, Cavalier Kng.chas.spaniel, Adv Cnt P
4th NC NV PTS URX UAGI UWP UCD URO3 GRCH Balsam's Sharp Dressed Man, Kathryn E Szalasny, Standard Poodle, Adv Cnt P

Container Superior A
1st AP UAGII AC PTE UWPV RATN NN UCD URX CH UWPCHX UROG Dandelion's I Shot The Sheriff SPOT-ON, Dalana Bewley Huss And Brian Huss, Portuguese Water Dog, Sup Cnt P HIT
2nd AE NN CAX SC UWP URO1 GRCH Jacknic Danbaroh Patrn4success, Danetta Ohning, Standard Poodle, Sup Cnt P
3rd UNJ URO1 AHD MI SN PTE Copper Ninja Talerico, Sandi Talerico, Unrecognized, Sup Cnt P
4th AV NN AI AC Windrush No Limitations, David E Cavins, Belgian Shepherd Dog, Sup Cnt P

Container Superior B
1st SC AN PTE UJJ UACH Little Miss Skye, Barbara Tardiff, German Shepherd Dog, Sup Cnt P

Container Master A
1st ME SN PTE Cooper G, Leslie L Cash, Unrecognized, Mst Cnt P HIT
2nd MC MI SN CH PTE Cher Car's American Freedom SPOT SPOT-ON, Carolyn R Muessman, Dutch Shepherd, Mst Cnt P
3rd SE AN EHD PTE MC The Pipster, Jerrie Lee Jarvis, Unrecognized, Mst Cnt P

Container Master B
1st AN URX2 PTE MC UROG UJJ Lil Miss Luna Moon SPOT, Melissa Peterman, American Pit Bull Terrier, Mst Cnt P

Container Elite A
1st AHD EN Casey, Julia E Brenneman, Unrecognized, Elt Cnt P

Container Elite B
1st EE EV EC MN Tuxedo Bear, Jane Taylor, Unrecognized, Elt Cnt P HIT