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OFFICIAL: UKC Premier / Lure Coursing - Saturday, Meet 2

June 17, 2017

Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan

Judge: Moyra J Hamilton

UJJ CA GRCH Aiofe Mae Conquer Of Hdk, Sheila Mannel, American Bulldog
CA URO2 UWP GRCH'PR'Toplines Aint No Half Steppin SPOT-ON, Valerie Lewis And Kelly Dirting, American Pit Bull Terrier
AP2 VPA URO1 UWPO CA UGWPCH GRCH'PR'Topline Soho Hell On Heels SPOT-ON, Kelly Dirting, Valerie Lewis, American Pit Bull Terrier
PTS UNJCH CA UWP URO1 RATN CH Alpine's Sweet Chocolate Chip SPOT-ON, Dalana Bewley Huss, American Pit Bull Terrier
Listed Entry
CA CH URO1 Phoenix's Gun Slinging Texan, Kerstyn Parent, Dawn Rexrode, Rottweiler
URO1 CA CH Solstorm's Solar Flare, Theresa Wilp, Doberman Pinscher
CA GRCH Protocol's A Splash Of Magic, Debra L Markwardt, Doberman Pinscher
URO1 USA UFA CA Hickory Tavern Final Grade, Angie Tena, Leonard Tena, Barbet
AE NN CAX SC UWP URO1 GRCH Jacknic Danbaroh Patrn4success, Danetta Ohning, Standard Poodle
USA UFA CA URO1 UACHX Dazzle Run To Victory, Erika Burdette, Miniature Schnauzer
CH CA UNJ Quantum's Fire In The Sky Vtaz, Debra L Markwardt, Doberman Pinscher
URO1 UWP CA USJCH GRCH Blu Stones Sweet Chaos V Zuma, Debra L Markwardt, Doberman Pinscher
Listed Entry
AP RATN UJJCH USA UFA CAX UWPO GRCH UGWPCH Alpine's Lbk Hearts On Fire SPOT-O, Valerie Ann Piltz, Karen Thomason, Ed Thomason, American Pit Bull Terrier
USA UFA CA UWP CH Wmk's Cut The Line @ Vntg, Valerie Ann Piltz, Karyn S Pingel, Ryan Pingel, Sydney Paxton, American Hairless Terrier
VPA AP USA UFA CAX RATN UWPS UEWPCH GRCH Wmks Little Oak Kodyak@Vntg SPOT-ON, Valerie Ann Piltz, June Pasko, Sydney Paxton, American Hairless Terrier
UNJCH UWPV USA UFA CAX GRCH UWPCH'PR'Ro-ki's Simply Do It Again, Kimberly Allison Or Ron Allison, American Pit Bull Terrier
UNJCH UWP CA Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane, Gloria Totten, American Pit Bull Terrier
URO1 CA CH Piper Vom Royale, Sarah Blesch, Gail Bauer, German Shepherd Dog
UCD UWP UUF PTS CA UAGI NN URO3 AI AC UNJ CH Cher Cars Django Unchained, Kristen Vaccariello, Dutch Shepherd
CAX CH Dtm Three Times The Charm, Carol Derie, Rat Terrier
CA NC PTE AP2 VPA UWPO UFA USA URO1 CH UWP Leonards Live Like A Wire SPOT-ON, Valerie Lewis, American Pit Bull Terrier
AE NN AV SC Leif, Mary Moritz, Amb
USJ CA CH Cher Car's Scrappy Doo, Brittany Behm, Ryan Behm, Dutch Shepherd
CAX URO1 GRCH Mojo's King Of Thorne, Morgan Stanley, German Shepherd Dog
CH CAS'PR'Boston's Stetson, Helen M Kutska Or Melanie A Kutska, Alaskan Klee Kai
CA URO1 GRCH Waltersway Kissed Bi Dejablue, Terri Korthals, Pamela Moore, Shetland Sheepdog
USJCH Turkey Run Precious Gem Stone, Lori Krefman, Australian Shepherd
USA CA URO1 NI NC UNJCH UFA GRCH'PR'Chercar's Horrendous Dread, Lori J Webster, Parson Russell Terrier
CAX GRCH Wikit De Cabeza Grande, Jennifer Chandler, Perro De Presa Canario
CH CA Janga De Cabeza Grande, Jennifer Chandler, Perro De Presa Canario
NC PTA UJJ CA UWP UCD GRCH UROC Zeus Anrebri SPOT-ON, Bonnie M Gutzwiler, German Shepherd Dog
AV AI NN AC PTE CA UAGI UWP URX2 ALCH UCDX UROG Bonnies Phoenix SPOT-ON, Bonnie M Gutzwiler, Border Collie
CA USA UFA UGRACH Abby Pride Of Pine Ridge, Kathy Schmitt, Amb
CA CH Stoneage Firestarter SPOT, Pamela Spink, West Siberian Laika
GMJCH URO3 CH CAX Karbits Tnt Rudolph Valentino, Melissa Blazak, Standard Poodle
CAX URO3 CH Cobalt Blue Collar Man SPOT-ON, Sheila L Mannel, Doberman Pinscher

Reg Stakes
MI AHD CCM URO1 PTE SN MC CCB GRCH Lakilanni Wish You Were Here SPOT-ON, Laurie Soutar, Greyhound, ROUND 2
URO1 CCB CH Lakilanni Rosewood August Moon, Leslie Reeve, Greyhound, ROUND 3
SE URO1 AN CCM AHD MC PTE CCB GRCH Lakilanni Hot Rod Lincoln SPOT, Laurie Soutar, Greyhound, ROUND 5
CCM CH Lakilanni Halfmoon Blue Bayou, Heather Minnich, Greyhound, ROUND 4, BL