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OFFICIAL: Oxford Dog Sports (06/02/2017) / Lure Coursing - Sunday, Meet 1

June 4, 2017

Hosted By: Oxford Dog Sports

Location: Princeton, Ontario

Judge: Cecile (bauer) Chapin

CAX Linwell's Adelaide Nevertheles, Diane Grainger, Cairn Terrier
NHD NN PTE URO1 UCD CAX Barben's Upsa Daesy, Hans Handke, Vizsla
CA Linwell Cabaret's Little Ember, Diane Grainger, Cairn Terrier
Listed Entry
UAGI NC GRCH PTS URO2 CAX K-lar's Chocolate Charm Bijou SPOT, Laura Turner, Standard Poodle
Listed Entry
CA USJ Tucker, Linda Mintzas, Golden Retriever
VPA AP CAX UWPO UWPCHX GRCH J Cross' Currahee, Amanda Tikkanen, La Catahoula Leopard Dog
GRCH PTS CA K-lar's Chocolate Spice Bijou, Laura Turner, Standard Poodle
URO3 CAX Sadie Lynn SPOT-ON, Shannon Peirce, Unrecognized
CA Bnj Ordinary Hero SPOT, Deanna Glasgow, German Shorthaired Pntr
CA NHD AN URO2 PTE Cher Car's Cloud Nine SPOT, Cheryl Carlson, Sean P Kent, Francois Ginchereau, Dutch Shepherd
Listed Entry
CA URO1 Heaven Is A Place On Earth, Lacey Jackson, Unrecognized
Listed Entry
Listed Entry
Listed Entry

Listed Entry

CT W/Comp
Listed Entry, w/Comp

Reg Stakes
CT AI AE NN SC PTE Foreign Adventure Story, Lee Warden, Spanish Greyhound, ROUND 5, BL
ALCH CCM Hdstars Fairy Tale-cinderella, Roberta Jamieson, Whippet, ROUND 3
CH Generations Aboriginal Chief, Stephanie Bajona, Afghan Hound, ROUND 2, BL
CA PTM CH Lakilanni Turn The Page Story, Lee M Warden, Greyhound, ROUND 4, BL
STAKE #: 1
CCB CH Lepus Harry Potter, Roberta Jamieson, ROUND 5
Kisharo Lepus Blu River Rising, Roberta A Jamieson, ROUND 4, BL
GRCH CCB Lepus Stormy Weather SPOT, Jennifer Johansson, ROUND 2
CT Castlekeep Mountaindew Voltage, Jennifer L Johansson, ROUND 3

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