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OFFICIAL: 2023 Autumn Oaks Warm-Up Slam Results - Thursday

August 31, 2023

Location: Selma, Indiana

Thursday Night Slam Results
Hosted by Delaware County Coonhunters
Sponsored by Yoder Nylon/Razor
August 31, 2023
Selma, IN

MOH Jamie Estep
165 Entries

2023 Autumn Oaks Thursday Slam

Final Four Split - $610 Each

  • Axel, TW, Bobby Taylor, 450+
  • GRNITECH 'PR' Whitey's Stylish Abby, TW, Deric Compton, IN, 450+
  • GRNITECH 'PR' Hoosier Daddy, TW, Nick Imel, IN, 425+
  • GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Midnight Fly, TW, Shawn Singer, KY, 400+

Other Cast Winners - $35 Each

  • NITECH 'PR' Wacked Out Ozzy, TW, Tyler Steury, IN, 375+
  • GRNITECH 'PR' Gauthier's Snow Face, TW, Marc Gauthier, CN, 375+
  • GRNITECH 'PR' Wadkins Stylish Son, TW, Maddox Arnett, Mike Arnett, IN, 375+
  • NITECH 'PR' Barretts Hardtime Major Pain, TW, Adam Barrett, Kenny Barrett, GA, 350+
  • Bridget, TW, Brad Quate, 350+
  • GRNITECH 'PR' Hardwood Big Weapon, PLT, Randall Winchester, IN, 237.5+
  • 'PR' T-Rex's Bo, TW, Don Trabant, IN, 225+
  • GRNITECH(2) 'PR' Gray's Rackem Up T-Rex, TW, Jason Gray, KY, 225+
  • NITECH 'PR' Late Night Trix, TW, Will Jude, Matthew Russ, KY, 225+
  • GRNITECH(3) 'PR' KY River Nitro, B&T, Jimmy Reece, Aaron Gray, TN, 225+
  • NITECH 'PR' Porn Star, TW, Kevin Cable Jr, Fred Thoennes, IN, 225+
  • 'PR' Peacocks a Dog Named Frog, TW, Jesse Peacock, Lewis Peacock, IN, 225+
  • 'PR' Rocky River Mafia Shack Two, TW, Winton Taylor Hillis, TN, 200+
  • Sam, TW, Ronnie Hamilton, 200+
  • NITECH Wages Triple X Boaz HTX, XB, John Wages, KY, 200+
  • CH GRNITECH 'PR' Spring Creek Crush, BLU, Aaron Gamble, MO, 200+
  • GRNITECH Money Belle, XB, Tim Parry, OH, 200+
  • NITECH 'PR' Mount Tell's Running River, ENG, Jonathan Smith, WV, 175+
  • NITECH 'PR' Stylish Barney Phiphe, TW, Kevin Morehouse, OH, 175+
  • NITECH 'PR' Mud Creek Slim, ENG, Jeremy Johnson, KY, 175+
  • NITECH 'PR' Mighty White, TW, Kenneth McBride, TN, 150+
  • NITECH 'PR' 7-Oaks Hardtime Drake, ENG, Kyle Stoops, ME, 150+
  • GRNITECH 'PR' Honest Shack, TW, Justin Clark, IN, 150+
  • 'PR' Mudcreek Tebow, ENG, Jeremy Johnson, KY, 150+
  • 'PR' Burroughs Wipeout Bud, TW, Jaxon Burroughs, SC, 100+
  • 'PR' Edelens Phrogger Midnite Rose, TW, Kenny Edelen, MD, 75+
  • 'PR' Phrogger Loaded Pistol, TW, Dalton Gillentine, LA, 75+