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OFFICIAL: Premier Nationals - Kalamazoo, MI (06/17/2021) / Nosework - Saturday Trial 2

June 19, 2021

Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan

Judge: Caroline Oldham

Exterior Novice A
1st URO1 UAGII Dreamseed Natures Repitition, Carol Guth, Shetland Sheepdog, Nov Ext P
2nd NV NC UAGI GRCH Motley's Little Cara, Marsha Leduc, Papillon, Nov Ext P
3rd NE Danser Wish For A Rish, Mary Martin, Tibetan Terrier, Nov Ext P
4th CA NE UAGI URO1 GRCH Royal From The Bottom My Heart SPOT, Jean Reeves, Anita Beaudoin, White Shepherd, Nov Ext P
NE NC NHD URO2 NV GRCH Dexter De Cabeza Grande SPOT-ON, Miranda Andress, Perro De Presa Canario, Nov Ext P
NN UJJ AV URO1 AI SC PTE CH Rambo Izbb Of Serenity SPOT, Misuzu Lee, White Shepherd, Nov Ext P
NV RACEA NC GRCH URO2 Royal Aspen Little Wolf Love SPOT-ON, Jean Reeves, Eli Sandberg, White Shepherd, Nov Ext P
Bigdaddyz King Kong Aka Dr Dwamn, Francisco Rodriguez, American Bully, Nov Ext P
URO1 CH Rambo's Blak Peace Of Graceland SPOT, April Jenkins, Boxer, Nov Ext P
UNJCH UGRACH2 URO2 Allstars U R My Black Jaguar, Robin L Wolters, Australian Shepherd, Nov Ext P
NV NC UNJ BA UWP URX RATO USA UFA UROC GRC Lca Little Sherman Tank SPOT-ON, Meghan Rice, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Nov Ext P
NE NI AC URO1 PTS GRCH Alta-tollhaus Thunder Bay, Merrick Morehouse, German Shepherd Dog, Nov Ext P
NE RACEA USA UFA Charlie Happy Go Lucky, Kathy Schmitt, Unrecognized, Nov Ext P
NV NC RMX RMC UWPV UAGI AP3 VPU URX6 ALCH Kloud Burst's Brown Eyed Girl SPOT-, Sarah Todd, Alaskan Malamute, Nov Ext P
CA GRCH Alta-tollhaus Winnetka, Julie Richards, German Shepherd Dog, Nov Ext P
NC BA AI Benson Bear, Jackie Foldenauer, Cavalier Kng.chas.spaniel, Nov Ext P

Exterior Novice B
1st NV NE NC UCD URO2 CA CH Saxony's Something To Brag About, Suzanne Zoromskis, Rottweiler, Nov Ext P
2nd URO2 CH Stonehenge Ruffhouser, Dawn Harbison, Greta Dalrymple, English Springer Spaniel, Nov Ext P
3rd NI CH'PR'Taylak One U Wanna C By Aurora, June L Demers, Brenda Nilio, Alaskan Klee Kai, Nov Ext P
4th NV NC UCD CA URO2 Saxonys Bringing Down The House, Tammy L Williams, Rottweiler, Nov Ext P
NV BA CH AC URO1 Treasure Tyme Stiletto, Ellen Davis, Australian Shepherd, Nov Ext P
GRCH Tsavo's I'll Stand By You, Angela Mozeleski, Leonberger, Nov Ext P

Exterior Advanced A
1st AE NN AI MC UGRACH2 Tricks For Treats, Valerie Doubet, Unrecognized, Adv Ext P
2nd NN AC UWP ALCH CA USR UFR Hopes Carry Me Back SPOT-ON, Natalee Yates, Kenneth Rushing, Shetland Sheepdog, Adv Ext P
3rd AV AE AC NN CA GRCH Tarmigan's Viewpoint, Karen Picchi, English Pointer, Adv Ext P

Exterior Advanced B
1st NC NE NV CA Alta-tollhaus Phaedra, Julie Richards, German Shepherd Dog, Adv Ext P

Exterior Superior A
1st AE URO2 SI EC UGRACH Staup's Shark Finn, Robin Staup, Unrecognized, Sup Ext P
2nd RACEN AE AC AV URO1 PN NN CA UAGI USCH UFC Sweet As Colorado Toffee SPOT-ON, Natalee Yates, Unrecognized, Sup Ext P

Exterior Elite B
1st EI EC MN URO1 GRCH Stablemate Starsnbrightlights, Marcia Lynn Vail, Taylor Barnes, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Elt Ext P

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