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OFFICIAL: Premier Nationals - Kalamazoo, MI (06/17/2021) / Lure Coursing - Friday Meet 2

June 18, 2021

Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan

Judge: Kristie Austin

NN AC UWP ALCH CA USR UFR Hopes Carry Me Back SPOT-ON, Natalee Yates, Kenneth Rushing, Shetland Sheepdog
CA RATN CH Sundog Don't Call Me Nymphodora SPOT-ON, Kristen Reiter, Labrador Retriever
VPA UWPO AP3 UNJ CA UWPCHX GRCH URO1 Horsepower's Run'n On High Octane SPOT-O, Anissa Littlefield, American Pit Bull Terrier
CA UWP GRCH Fantac's Bware Of My Magic Doll, Anissa Littlefield, Amanda Stevens, American Pit Bull Terrier
UJJ CA UWP SGCH Kayo's Time Warp SPOT, Kristina Browne, American Pit Bull Terrier
CA RATN RACEN UWP URO3 UCD EGCH Sunnydaze For Peeps Sake SPOT-ON, Kristen Reiter, Labrador Retriever
CA WSD UCD AP UJJ ROM UWPCH EGCH Von Der Kings J'ai Tes Six SPOT-ON, Sandy Williams, Dutch Shepherd
CA CH URO2 UNJ Vermilions Trouble Is My Business SPOT-ON, Michelle Ahmann, Irish Setter
CA UWP Smalltown's Red Warrior, Crystal M Muller, Jason Cross, American Pit Bull Terrier
UWPCH GRCH'PR'Bluprints Out 4 Blood W/ Cross, Jason Cross, Apryl Hall, American Pit Bull Terrier
CA HOP DASH RACEA UJJCH URO1 USA UFA UAGI Wigglebutt Jett's Sonic Boom, Leslie S Cash, Min American Shepherd
BN UWP SN CA EC URO2 EGCH Von Der Kings Superhero SPOT-ON, Kellie Van Nuil, Dutch Shepherd
UWPV NC GJJCH UAGI VPU AP3 PTS CAX UWPCH U Alpine's Sweet Chocolate Chip SPOT, Dalana Bewley Huss, American Pit Bull Terrier
UMJ USJ CA URO1 EGCH Panda Bear's Ruby Roo, Olivia Arndt, Standard Poodle
CA ROM RACEA URX2 UAGII UROG UCD GRCH Saphire Alakazam SPOT-ON, Kim Alexander-thomson, Standard Poodle
Listed Entry
CA Saranac Back On Track, Elaine Mayowski, Shetland Sheepdog
NE SI MC Firesyde's Hang Em High, Darla Nagel, Ruth Nagel, Border Terrier
UNJ CA RACEN EGCH Mapleglo's Back In The Game SPOT-ON, Laura Mistretta, Siobhan Smyth, Golden Retriever
CAS GRCH Dtm Three Times The Charm, Carol Derie, Rat Terrier
Tarmigan Constellation, Gail Bloomer, Karen Picchi, English Pointer
CA CH Tarmigan's Flashpoint, Gail L Bloomer, English Pointer
CA BA Kinnic Quinn, Carol Guth, Border Collie
CA RACEA URO1 SGCH Cosmic Calibers River Vixen SPOT-ON, Jordan Burns, Standard Poodle
CA RACEN URO1 GRCH Kissme That's My Lullaby Alue SPOT, Kelsey Dixon, Standard Poodle
CA CH Wise's Mint Julep, Jamie Dannels, La Catahoula Leopard Dog
SE AN SC SI Rise Like A Phoenix, Joanne Soyke, Border Collie
RACEA PTM UJJ URO1 SN CA RGCH Dyson Vom Royale, Morgan Stanley, German Shepherd Dog
CA UWP CH UJJ Warrior River Freya, Kayla Cooper, La Catahoula Leopard Dog
CA EGCH Sfx Articcross Make It So, Lori Chapek-carleton, Samoyed
CA EGCH Sfx Bazinga!, Lori Chapek-carleton, Samoyed
UJJ CA CH Warrior River Rougaroux, Deborah C Deters, Kayla Cooper, La Catahoula Leopard Dog
CA HOP DASH GJJCH RACEM USJ USR RATCHX UFR Wigglebutt Cozmic One, Sharon L Jonas, Min American Shepherd
Ksp Champagne On Ice, Kelsey Dixon, Standard Poodle

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