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OFFICIAL: South Texas Nosework Dogs / Nosework - Sunday, Trial 2

February 12, 2017

Location: Houston, Texas

Judge: Tracy Patton

Exterior Novice A
1st NN AC AV AI PTS Gold Medal Twisted Sister, Nancy Garcia, Jack Russell Terrier, Nov Ext P HIT
2nd NE NI PTS Tersa Loch Tempest Dervish, Kathryn Briggs, Unrecognized, Nov Ext P
3rd NE NV NI PTS Colin Cailivil Of Kismet Farm, Marcia Vail, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Nov Ext P

Exterior Novice B
1st NN PTE AC AI Frisby Burns, Ruth Burns, Pomeranian, Nov Ext P
2nd NV AI PTM AC Give Chase To Aspen's Song, Kathleen Mc Cullough, Labrador Retriever, Nov Ext P
3rd NE NV PTA Hytree Emery's Hot Topic, Cyndy Davis, Golden Retriever, Nov Ext P

Exterior Advanced A
1st AC AI NN PTE Rainyday's Ace In The Hole, Janae Cunningham, Australian Shepherd, Adv Ext P HIT

Exterior Superior A
1st SE AN EC Acadia Don't Rain On My Parade, Phyllis Sanders, Shetland Sheepdog, Sup Ext P HIT
2nd UJJ SN PTE MC Lazy S Oreo Double Stuff, Sherry Dahly, Lois Stevens, Unrecognized, Sup Ext P
3rd MC SN PTE Cy'era Jamila, Nancy Doyle, Cirneco Dell'etna, Sup Ext P
4th SC SI USJ AN PTM Rosie Hopson, Beverly Hopson, Unrecognized, Sup Ext P
SE AN SV PTE Meadowlake Gi Joe, Margret Wilson, Cavalier Kng.chas.spaniel, Sup Ext P
SC SV CA URO1 UCD AN PTE UAGI CH Katoba's Emerald City, Elaine Richman, Doberman Pinscher, Sup Ext P
NC AE PTS Pippa, Jessica Marziani, Unrecognized, Sup Ext P

Exterior Superior B
1st SE SC SI AN PTE Sealite's All That Jazz, Jo Ann Hoffpauir, Border Collie, Sup Ext P
2nd SC SV AN SI PTE Keeva's Gus, Sally Campbell, Border Collie, Sup Ext P
3rd AV PTE SC AI Whistle, Christy Bergeon, Unrecognized, Sup Ext P