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OFFICIAL: Canine Headquarters / Nosework - Sunday, Trial 2

January 22, 2017

Location: Hutto, Texas

Judge: Tracy Patton

High in Trial: NC NE Croswynd's Laniakea Luau, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Jane Adams

Interior Novice A
1st Nicky Herzberg, Shannon Herzberg, Belgian Shepherd Dog, Nov Int P

Interior Novice B
1st NC NE Croswynd's Laniakea Luau, Jane Adams, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Nov Int P HIT

Interior Advanced A
1st NV NI PTS Gold Medal Twisted Sister, Nancy Garcia, Jack Russell Terrier, Adv Int P HIT
2nd NI PTS Mr. Lincoln The Copper Streak, Sherry Hull, Border Collie, Adv Int P

Interior Master A
1st SI SE MC AN PTE Belcol C'est Frater Eli, Judy Quick, Belgian Shepherd Dog, Mst Int P HIT
2nd NN SC SI PTE Eleanor Frisbee, Julie Morton, Unrecognized, Mst Int P

Interior Master B
1st SE MC AN SI PTE Mystic Classic Timepiece, Mark Slevin, Golden Retriever, Mst Int P

Interior Elite A
1st EV MI EC SN Cherry, April Peiffer, Amb, Elt Int P HIT