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OFFICIAL: Hampton Roads Kennel Club / Sunday, Weight Pull

August 21, 2016

Location: Courtland, Virginia

JUDGE: Kimberly Allison

20 Pound
UWP UFA USA CA CH Png Baby It's Cold Outside @lt SPOT, Chinese Crested, Rhapsody R Rhodes, 28.71

50 Pound
UWP Leonards Live Like A Wire SPOT-ON, American Pit Bull Terrier, Valerie Lewis, 13.19
UWP GRCH Crown's Marchesa Marcella, American Pit Bull Terrier, Tim Wood And Kathy Gotschall, 18.38

60 Pound
URO1 UWPO CA UWPCHX GRCH'PR'Topline Soho Hell On Heels SPOT-ON, American Pit Bull Terrier, Kelly Dirting, Valerie Lewis, 11.89
GRCH Storytimesnt Rais'n The Stakes, American Pit Bull Terrier, Ruth K Teeter, 11.68
UJJCH CA UWP Iyong Tapat Kaibigan, Unrecognized, Stephanie J Markgraf, 11.29

70 Pound
UWP CH Mr Polo, American Bully, Daniel Mc Guire, Antonio Jones, 15.62
CH Storytime's Hand Of The King, American Pit Bull Terrier, Ruth K Teeter, 8.22

80 Pound
UWP CH Kilcavan Captain Flint, Hamiltonstovare, Ashley Hammock, 15.95
NBOB NGRCH UWPO CA URO2 UWPCHX GRCH Cali Girl's Adonis, American Pit Bull Terrier, Michael Leonard, Leigh Anne Leonard, Kristina Browne, 15.75

100 Pound
CA GRCH Ballistic Vom Hause Phoenix, Rottweiler, Denise R Tomlinson Or Daniel P Mc Guire, 8.41