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2020 Autumn Oaks / 2020 Autumn Oaks - UNOFFICIAL RESULTS - Bench Show - Registered

September 4, 2020

Location: Richmond, Indiana

Black and Tan Puppy Male (1 Entered): 'PR'Metskers Rock Creek Hud, Juleie Lou Ann Metsker
Black and Tan Junior Male/BOB (2 Entered): PRGilmans Good Time Tradition SPOT, David Gillman
Black and Tan Senior Male (1 Entered): 'PR' Sugar Islands Ozark Mtn Ridge Brittany Behm
Black and Tan Puppy Female (1 Entered): PR Metskers Rock Creek Teea, Julie Metsker
Black and Tan Junior Female (1 Entered): PR Gilmans Good Time Stella, David Gilman
American Leopard Hound Junior Male (1 Entered): Circle M Shadows Legend, Megan Chadwick
American Leopard Hound Senior Male/BOB (1 Entered): 'PR'Chnage of Luck Huck, Alan R Holding, Tricia Snedegar
American Leopard Hound Junior Female/BOB (1 Entered): PRCircle M Skys The Limit, Abby McCorkle, Matt McCorkle
Bluetick Coonhound Puppy Male (1 Entered): PR Rag Mtn Good To The Last Drop, Katie Woodward
Bluetick Coonhound Junior Male (1 Entered): Blue Power Rock This Town, Diann L Stine
Bluetick Coonhound Senior Male/ BOB (5 Entered): 'PR'Rockin Ws Surround Sound, Whitney Killough, Debbie Killough
Bluetick Coonhound Junior Female/BOB (1 Entered): PRBawlistic Journey By Faith, Scarlett Overton
Bluetick Coonhound Senior Female (5 Entered): 'PR'Rockin W's Eyes on You, Whitney Killough
English Coonhound Puppy Male (2 Entered): 'PR' Kentucky Mtn Melrose Maverik, Penny Turner
English Coonhound Junior Male (3 Entered): 'PR' Whiskey River Rounder, Kenneth W Dameron, Norma L Dameron
English Coonhound Senior Male/ BOB (8 Entered): 'PR'North Star's Last Cowboy
English Coonhound Puppy Female (4 Entered): PR Kentucky Mtn. Brazil Crk Shalmar, Rhonda Brown
English Coonhound Junior Female/ BOB (4 Entered): 'PR'Whiskey River Brandy, Kenneth W Dameron, Norma L Dameron
English Coonhound Senior Female (4 Entered): 'PR'Wilhelm's Hardtime Hemingway, Larry W Wilhelm
Redbone Coonhound Junior Male (1 Entered): 'PR' Grand River How Do You Like Me Now, Marissa Turner
Redbone Coonhound Puppy Female (1 Entered): 'PR'Skylines RagMtn Time Marches On, Katie Woodward
Redbone Coonhound Junior Female / BOB (3 Entered): 'PR'Wabash River Lookout Loretta, Morgan Elburn
Redbone Coonhound Senior Female (1 Entered): 'PR'Wickeds Attitude, Bonnie Snider
Plott Hound Puppy Male/BOB (1 Entered): Spanky Mtn Monkey Bread, Lory Galbreath
Plott Hound Junior Male (1 Entered): PRMy Dog Stings Like A Bee, Wayne Steele

Plott Hound Puppy Female (2 Entered): PR Suncrest Dig a Little Deeper, Becky Church, Don Church
Plott Hound Junior Female/BOB (2 Entered): PRScarletts Little Rosey, Jason Montney
Treeing Walker Coonhound Puppy Male (7 Entered): PRAll American War Chief, Megan Perez, Danny Perez
Treeing Walker Coonhound Junior Male / BOB (8 Entered): 'PR'W. Fork River Terror Of the Town, Melinda Hicks
Treeing Walker Coonhound Senior Male (5 Entered): 'PR'Sunset Valley Rock My World, Samantha Sheets
Treeing Walker Coonhound Puppy Female (5 Entered): Second Winds True Colors, Janis Hunter
Treeing Walker Coonhound Junior Female/BOB (16 Entered): Red Eagle All American Girl, Lisa Hunziker
Treeing Walker Coonhound Senior Female (8 Entered): 'PR' Southern Watch Over Me Billie, Tiffany Adkins, Mark Adkins

Best Male of Show: 'PR'W. Fork River Terror Of the Town, Melinda Hicks

Best Female of Show: PRBawlistic Journey By Faith, Scarlett Overton

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