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OFFICIAL: United Dog Owners Group, Inc. (02/14/2020) / Nosework - Saturday Trial 2

February 15, 2020

Hosted By: United Dog Owner's Group, Inc.

Location: Marshall, Texas

Judge: Judith Powell

Vehicle Novice A
1st NE NV CH Strider's Something In The Air, Debbie Holmes, Jody Bacon, Barbara Trammell, American Hairless Terrier, Nov Veh P
2nd Listed Entry, Nov Veh P
3rd PTN Rnb's Something To Talk About, Cristi Theriot, Weimaraner, Nov Veh P
4th NV NI NC PTA Dat's How We Like To Party, Ash-leah And Devin Turk, Great Dane, Nov Veh P
Listed Entry, Nov Veh P
Jnj's Perpetual Motion, Julie Smith, Border Collie, Nov Veh P
NN AC UAGI CH URO3 Runamok Mystical Knight Dream SPOT, Ann Bridges, Australian Cattle Dog, Nov Veh P
PTA Witchs Slippers Of Woodsprings, Don Etheridge, Vizsla, Nov Veh P
NHD NN PTE Bentley, Christine Battle, Unrecognized, Nov Veh P
NN Show Biz For Spacious Skies, Janet P Strong, Shetland Sheepdog, Nov Veh P
Listed Entry, Nov Veh P

Vehicle Novice B
1st NV AC PTE Careful What U Wish 4 Vivian, Kathy Carlson, French Bulldog, Nov Veh P
2nd Listed Entry, Nov Veh P
3rd NN AC PTE GRCH Tumbleweed's Moonlighting Barlo, Nancy Anderson And June A Moore, Schipperke, Nov Veh P

Vehicle Advanced A
1st AN T Bar S's Mayhem, Jennifer Lanci, La Catahoula Leopard Dog, Adv Veh P
2nd NHD UAGI AN MC PTE Marvelous Blue Tornado, Linda Duca, Australian Shepherd, Adv Veh P
3rd NV NHD NE AC PTE Abingtons Light Of Liberty, Jeanne Harris, Min American Shepherd, Adv Veh P

Vehicle Advanced B
1st AE AV NN SC PTE Madelyn Made Me Do It, Kathy Carlson, French Bulldog, Adv Veh P
2nd NN AI SE SC Spuerhund Tyke, Patricia Debarros-kari, Dachshund, Adv Veh P
3rd NN AE SC AI EHD PTE Snowdowne Cj's Covergirl, Gigi Goesling, Old English Sheepdog, Adv Veh P
4th AV NE NC PTS Pinnacle's Storm Chance @ Wood, Cheryl Etheridge, Vizsla, Adv Veh P
SI MC AHD SE AN URO1 PTE Valhaus Cagney Watching Me SPOT-ON, Jerri Martin, Belgian Shepherd Dog, Adv Veh P

Vehicle Superior A
1st AV PTE NN EHD SE MC Cara's Second To None, Anne E Lincoln, Doberman Pinscher, Sup Veh P
2nd SE MI NHD EC AN Jnj's Madame Of Meyhem, Julie Lessick Smith, Unrecognized, Sup Veh P

Vehicle Superior B
1st URO1 AHD ME MC EI AN Liswyn's Ynisette Of Shiloh, Patricia L Randall, Belgian Shepherd Dog, Sup Veh P
2nd SI SE EHD AN EC The Jazz Man, Georgann Hughes, Pekingese, Sup Veh P
3rd SN MI Hawkeye's Surfer Girl, Patricia Thomas, Gerard Bermel, Belgian Shepherd Dog, Sup Veh P
4th AE AV NN PTE Double Stuff Oreo, Mim Aiken, Boston Terrier, Sup Veh P

Vehicle Master A
1st MC EI UAGI SN MHD URO1 Amazing Second Chance Fancy, Linda Duca, Australian Shepherd, Mst Veh P

Vehicle Master B
1st EE AHD EC MN Foster Grant's Predicament, Amy Mathews, Australian Shepherd, Mst Veh P

Vehicle Elite A
1st NHD EC EI MN Sky Acres Up,up And Away, Margie Fedderly, Cliff Fedderly, Belgian Shepherd Dog, Elt Veh P
2nd EC MN Bstlttl Captain On Stormy Seas SPOT, Kaitlyn Leeper, Australian Shepherd, Elt Veh P

Vehicle Elite B
1st MHD MGC NWCH UAGII'PR'Kort-mar Louie SPOT, Gretchen Hannefield, American Eskimo, Elt Veh P
2nd EN Angel Of Darkness At Botar, Janine Winings, Belgian Shepherd Dog, Elt Veh P

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