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OFFICIAL: K9 Fanciers (12/14/2019) / Nosework - Sunday Trial 1

December 15, 2019

Hosted By: K9 Fanciers

Location: Jackson, Michigan

Judge: Linda Ringle

PreTrial Advanced
NC URO1 PTA Millie Veda Tewksbury, Tessa Tewksbury, Mason Tewksbury, Unrecognized, Adv P

Interior Novice A
1st NC URO1 PTA Millie Veda Tewksbury, Tessa Tewksbury, Mason Tewksbury, Unrecognized, Nov Int P

Interior Novice B
1st NI NC URO1 PTE EGCH London Iontach's Georgia Peach SPOT, Shannon Dobbins, Dalmatian, Nov Int P HIT
2nd NI AC PTS Snowfire's Rescued Kvetch, Liz Gaulke, Dogo Argentino, Nov Int P
3rd Listed Entry, Nov Int P
4th NI NC'PR'Newfound Aspen In The Moonlite, Jean Freeman Stephens, Labrador Retriever, Nov Int P
NI NV NE URO1 CT CH PTA Golightly Lakilanni White Rabbit, Linda Zucker, Laurie Soutar, Greyhound, Nov Int P
NI PTA URO1 UAGII Sigga SPOT-ON, Sharon Atkins, Unrecognized, Nov Int P

Interior Advanced A
1st AI AC NN PTS Madison Vom Eikelberg, Toni Dutton, German Shepherd Dog, Adv Int P HIT
2nd NI AC Brisbane Maquis Krason, Kylie Krason, Maureen Krason, Belgian Shepherd Dog, Adv Int P
3rd AI AV NN AE CA CH Winjammers Nou Adventure, Becky Burgess, Belgian Shepherd Dog, Adv Int P
4th AI SC URO1 ALCH Onnalea First Dance At Banner SPOT-ON, Diane K Schuler, Cavalier Kng.chas.spaniel, Adv Int P
NV ALCH AC AI Blackhawk's Deep Sea Treasure SPOT, Gailyn Whitman, Belgian Shepherd Dog, Adv Int P

Interior Advanced B
1st AC AI PTS SHR URO3 Kelrobin Race The Sunset, Justine Embach, Labrador Retriever, Adv Int P
2nd AI NN SC PTM URO1 EGCH Lyndobe's I'm Here For A Party, Judith Furlong, William D Furlong, Doberman Pinscher, Adv Int P
3rd PTM AI UWP SC RGCH Quinn Vom Royale, Gail Bauer, German Shepherd Dog, Adv Int P
4th AC AI Riverside Morning Sun Is Shining, Arleen Papazian, Border Terrier, Adv Int P

Interior Superior A
1st PTE SI SC HR GRCH Endeavor Just Before Dawn, Justine Embach, Jeanine M Asch, Labrador Retriever, Sup Int P HIT
2nd SI SC AN PTE Kurpas' Split Infinitives, Lisa Ambrose, Australian Cattle Dog, Sup Int P
3rd SI AHD AN PTM Fritz's Remington Shureshot, Eileen Bostwick, German Shepherd Dog, Sup Int P

Interior Master A
1st EE EV EC MN Luchan's No Dine N Dash, Janet Borowoy, Golden Retriever, Mst Int P

Interior Master B
1st MV ME CH SN EC Riverside Road Runner, Arleen L Papazian, Border Terrier, Mst Int P HIT

Interior Elite B
1st EHD CA EN Legacyk She Said Yes, Emily Meko, German Shorthaired Pntr, Elt Int P HIT

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