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2020 Grand American / Bench Show Results

January 3, 2020

Location: Orangeburg, South Carolina

Friday Bench Show
Registered Division

BSJ: Andi Emory
Total Entered: 44

Saturday Bench Show
Champion and Grand Champion Divisions

BSJ: Curtis Peace
Total Entered: 79

Overall Bench Show Winner/King of Show/GRCH Male WSHOWCH EGCH GRCH PR My Dog Im Calling Dibs, PLT, Wayne Steele, VA
Reserve Bench Show Winner/Queen of Show/GRCH Female GRCH PR West Fork River Cindy Lu, TW, Melinda Hicks, Justin Nichols, WV
Overall CH Male CH PR Canyon Creek Ringo, TW, Steve Randolph, KY
Overall CH Female CH PR Johnson Creek Hear Me Roar, BLU, Bridgette Clary, Brandon White, VA

Grand Champion Breed Winners
GRCH Black and Tan Male FCH GRCH PR Laurel Valley Doc Holiday HTX, Dave Myers, Kelly Myers, PA
GRCH Black and Tan Female GRCH PR Melrose MTN Lead Me Home, Lisa Beddingfield, Shane Beddingfield, NC
GRCH Leopard Male CCH GRCH PR Thndrstrk Skin That Smoke Wagon, Haley Creasman, Effrem Creasman, NC
GRCH Leopard Female GRCH PR Gregorys Princess Bella, Roberta Gregory, Bob Gregory, IN
GRCH Bluetick Male NITECH GRCH CCH PR Rockin Ws That Was a Cold One, Whitney Killough, Marissa Turner, Colin Kirk, AR
GRCH Bluetick Female GRFCH GRWCH CCH GRCH PR Psychos Treein Blu Yankee Strut, Jordan Studstill, GA
GRCH English Male NITECH GRCH PR KY MTN Let it Reign McKade, Terry Jessup, NC
GRCH English Female GRCH PR Melrose MTN Hint of Jasmine, Lisa Beddingfield, Shane Beddingfield, NC
GRCH Plott Female WCH FCH NITECH GRCH PR Romeos Breaking Bad, Darin Fackler, MI
GRCH Redbone Male GRCH GRFCH CGRCH PR Grandrivers It Is What It Is, Marissa Turner, OK
GRCH Walker Male GRCH PR W. Forkriver Rock This Town, Melinda Hicks, WV

Champion Breed Winners
CH Black and Tan Male CH PR Melrose MTN Diamond in the Rough, Lisa Beddingfield, Shane Beddingfield, NC
CH Leopard Male CH PR Indigos Shadow, Adena Fussnecker, Megan Chadwick, WV
CH Leopard Female CA CGRCH FCH CH WCH Circle C Delta HTX, Megan Chadwick, WV
CH English Male CH PR New Hart Running Man Zeke, Stacie Ragsdale, IA
CH English Female CCH CH PR KY MTN Cinderella Girl Crush, Rhonda Brown, Penny Turner, NC
CH Plott Female CH PR Midnight Brindled Burnin Flame, Connie Hogan, PA
CH Redbone Male CH PR Wabash River Marlboro Red, Andi Emory, NC
CH Redbone Female CH PR JKs Smooth as Brandy, Andrea McBride, Julie McBride, VA
CH Walker Female CH PR Sideshow Oops I Did it Again, Leslie Brooks, Chad Arrowood, VA

BMOS PR Midnight Brindled Bonfire, PLT, Scott Hogan, Connie Hogan, PA
BFOS PR Second Winds Indigo Illusion, TW, Janis Hunter, FL

Male Puppy Class PR McBrides 2Stepn Cowboy Boogie, B&T, Andrea McBride, Scott McBride, VA
Male Junior Class & Breed CCH PR Gilmans Moonshine Sonofa Sailr, B&T, David Gilman, IL
Female Puppy Class & Breed PR Swamptowns Livin on a Prayer, B&T, Victoria Knight, SC

Male Puppy Class PR Little River Uno, ALH, Sam Murphy, VA
Male Junior Class & Breed PR Pfaffs JW, ALH, Jase Pfaff, IL
Male Senior Class Locust Branch Sam I Am, ALH, Jessica OConnor, SC
Female Junior Class & Breed CCH PR Skylines One That Got Away, ALH, Beth Jenkins, Paige Phillips, VA

Male Puppy Class PR Sycamore Tree Royal Case, BLU, Preston Gravenor, DE
Male Junior Class & Breed PR GR Corsairs Rum and Trouble, BLU, Emily Ten Eyck, Dustin Heisler, MI
Male Senior Class PR Kellys Creek Outlaw, BLU, James Holmes, WV
Female Puppy Class Bawlistics Reign of Mayhem, BLU, Jordan Studstill, GA
Female Senior Class & Breed PR Kings Ferry Bust a Move, BLU, Krystle Pickett, Ryan Pickett, FL

Male Junior Class & Breed PR Whiskey River Rounder, ENG, Kenneth Dameron, Norma Dameron, VA
Male Senior Class PR Sidearms Red Fish Blue Fish, ENG, Jaclyn Smith, Taylor Mills, Lori Mills, TN
Female Puppy Class PR CJs Rock Creek Dixie, ENG, Christopher Jackson Jr, NC
Female Junior Class & Breed PR DArcos Cookies and Cream, ENG, Joseph DArco, Erin DArco, Reagan DArco, Michael DArco, NC

Male Senior Class PR County Line Sidearm Krazy Karter, PLT, Christina Officer, Lori Mills, Jimmy Mills, KY
Female Junior Class & Breed PR Midnight Brindled Bindi, PLT, Scott Hogan, Connie Hogan, PA

Female Junior Class & Breed PR Rimfires Morriss Louise McCoy, RED, Cynthia Morris, VA

Male Puppy Class PR W. Fork River Terror of the Town, TW, Melinda Hicks, WV
Male Junior Class & Breed PR Southern All American Ruger, TW, Tiffany Adkins, Mark Adkins, WV
Male Senior Class PR Kentucky River Raising Cane, TW, Lee Currens, SC
Female Puppy Class PR Cherokee Walk Beside Me, TW, Cassandra Kase, Bryan Burleson, SC
Female Senior Class PR STK Famous in a Small Town, TW, Victoria Caughman, Paige Phillips, SC

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