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OFFICIAL: Northern Group Specialty Event (10/24/2019) / Conformation - Thursday Show

October 24, 2019

Hosted By: Alaskan Klee Kai Association Of America

Location: Gray Summit, Missouri

Northern Breeds

Akita, 1 Entry
Judge Lila Fast
Adult Male BM BOB Listed Entry

Alaskan Klee Kai, 18 Entries
Judge Lila Fast
Male Puppy RBMV 'PR'Regal-sibridge Griffin @ Foxx, Sheila Sweet
Adult Male BMV BM BOW CH'PR'Pockets Rockin In D Major, Angela Davis
Jr. Male BMV RBM CH'PR'Cali's Mile High Denver @ Ice, Michelle Short
Adult Male RBMV CH USA UFA CA'PR'Hd's Destiny Of The Gods, Andrew Griffin
Female Puppy BFV BF Listed Entry
RBFV 'PR'Foxx's Lucky #7 Sheila Sweet
CH CH'PR'Centralcoast Enzo Kissed By Fire SPOT-ON, Rosanne Taufield
RCH CH'PR'Mikka-dekk's Ouray @ Ice, Linda Orton
GRCH BOB UAGI GRCH'PR'Pocket's Kaskae Ikkuma Cascade, Catherine Lingle
RGRCH AP UAGI USA UFA UWPCH URO1 GRCH'PR'Aliak's Foxy's King Tut SPOT, Debra J Flohr And Denise K Johnson
RBF 'PR'Foxx's Lucky #7 Sheila Sweet
PUPPIES, 1 Entry
NMP BP 'PR'Foxx's Southpack Bayou Barron, Sheila Sweet
Brood Bitch: GRCH'PR'Totemhills Winter Time Blues, Sheila Sweet
BRACE, 5 Entries
Brace: AP UAGI USA UFA UWPCH URO1 GRCH'PR'Aliak's Foxy's King Tut SPOT, Debra J Flohr And Denise K Johnson
VPN UWPV USA UFA AP2 UWPCHX CH'PR'Kikid's Foxy Aphrodite SPOT, Debra J Flohr, Daniel R Flohr, Denise Johnson
VETERAN, 5 Entries
Female Veteran: UFA ALGRCH CH'PR'Wiebelhusky's Jazzy, Barbara Wiebelhaus Or Alan Wiebelhaus

American Eskimo, 15 Entries
Judge Lila Fast
Female Puppy RBFV RBF 'PR'Gimego's One More Thyme, Lauraye Townsend
Adult Female BFV BF CH'PR'Gimego's Goodness Mercy, Lauraye Townsend
Open Male BMV BM BOW 'PR'Achika Zephyr Uncharted, Amy Voogd, Gary Voogd
CH GRCH'PR'Sierra's Absolute Power, Diana Allen
RCH CH'PR'Fissan's Man In Black, Carol Nassif, Kortney Prior
GRCH BOB USA UFA GRCH'PR'Vibo's The Cream Always Rises, Danielle Christensen
RGRCH EGCH'PR'Trinity's Amazing Grace, Linda Wheatley
PUPPIES, 2 Entries
NMP 'PR'Miracle Misty Mornin Stranger, Carol J Innerst, Amanda E Innerst
NFP BP 'PR'Trinity's Simply A Miracle, Linda Wheatley
VETERAN, 3 Entries
Male Veteran: Best Veteran USR UFR CAX GRCH'PR'Pinebrook Smilin' Milo Of Vibo, Danielle Christensen

German Spitz, 1 Entry
Judge Lila Fast
GRCH BOB USA UFA GRCH If Ever She Is A Winter Dream, Danielle Christensen

Karelian Bear Dog, 1 Entry
Judge Lila Fast
GRCH BOB GRCH Tsarshadows Flames Of War, Maureen Griffin, Dawne E Deeley

Siberian Husky, 1 Entry
Judge Lila Fast
GRCH BOB GRCH Snocrest's Good As Gold, Melanie A Kutska, Helen M Kutska
PUPPIES, 3 Entries
NMP Listed Entry
NFP BP Listed Entry

Northern Breed Group Winners
Judge: Lila Fast
1st) Karelian Bear Dog, GRCH Tsarshadows Flames Of War
2nd) Siberian Husky, GRCH Snocrest's Good As Gold
3rd) Akita, Listed Entry
4th) German Spitz, USA UFA GRCH If Ever She Is A Winter Dream

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