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OFFICIAL: Competition Dogs Of The Ozarks (09/28/2019) / Nosework - Sunday, Trial 1

September 29, 2019

Hosted By: Competition Dogs Of The Ozarks

Location: Springfield, Missouri

Judge: Sarah Schroeder

PreTrial Superior
NV PTS CH Alubyc Prime Suspect, Kelly Sisco, Jenica Belsha, Golden Retriever, Sup P

PreTrial Master
AV PTM AC AE NN NHD Show Me Addison Sisco, Kelly Sisco, Golden Retriever, Mst P

PreTrial Elite
NC PTE NI CH Taylor's Memorable Abe Lincoln, Sherry Taylor, Basset Hound, Elt P

Vehicle Novice A
1st NN AC PTE Marvelous Blue Tornado, Linda Duca, Australian Shepherd, Nov Veh P HIT
2nd NV Finnegan, Stacey Richardson, Unrecognized, Nov Veh P
3rd PTN CH Taylor's Copper Penny Patina, Sherry Taylor, Basset Hound, Nov Veh P

Vehicle Advanced A
1st NV SE AI Anderson's Archie, Sharon Anderson, Unrecognized, Adv Veh P HIT

Vehicle Advanced B
1st AV PTM AC AE NN NHD Show Me Addison Sisco, Kelly Sisco, Golden Retriever, Adv Veh P
2nd NHD NI AV AC PTE ALCH UAGII URO1 UCD Travista Quick Like Firelight SPOT, Teresa Doerksen, Doberman Pinscher, Adv Veh P

Vehicle Superior A
1st SV SE SI AN AHD URO1 PTE Amazing Second Chance Fancy, Linda Duca, Australian Shepherd, Sup Veh P HIT

Vehicle Superior B
1st ME MI URO3 EC CH SN EHD Beaubriar's Ambition, Sarah Schroeder, Michelle Dechambeau, Irish Setter, Sup Veh P
2nd MC SN PTE EHD They Call The Wind Mariah, Cynthia Farr, Standard Poodle, Sup Veh P

Vehicle Master A
1st MV EC MI SN Rocky Enrico, Irene Mc Cleskey, Shetland Sheepdog, Mst Veh P
2nd SN EC UAGI GRCH Taylor's Shining Penny, Sherry Taylor, Basset Hound, Mst Veh P

Vehicle Master B
1st SV AN MI EC Ruby Mckay, Vicki L Mc Kay, Cocker Spaniel, Mst Veh P HIT

Vehicle Elite A
1st UCD EHD EC MN URO1 Killian Trimmell, Kristen Trimmell, Unrecognized, Elt Veh P HIT
2nd EHD UAGI EI AC MV NN EC AE GRCH Elfame Limerick, Dana Bull, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Elt Veh P

Vehicle Elite B
1st EV EI SN EHD EC UGRACH'PR'Aacres Storm Surge, Ramona Stanfield, Rat Terrier, Elt Veh P

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