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OFFICIAL: Autumn Oaks / Conformation - Thursday Show

August 29, 2019

Location: Richmond, Indiana

American B & T Coonhound, 11 Entries
Judge Katherine B Shorter
Jr. Male BM BOW CH'PR'Gilman's Abe & Annies Outlaw, David Gilman
Adult Male RBM GRCH'PR'Harrison's Hilltop View Louie, Philip M Harrison
Jr. Female GRCH'PR'Hard Hitting Weinstock Hulagirl, Trish Spencer
Adult Female RBF CH'PR'Gilman's Smalltime Scandal, David Gilman
BHF BF GRCH'PR'Melrose Mtn Lead Me Home, Lisa Beddingfield, Shane Beddingfield
CH BOB CH CCH'PR'Deepsouth Tailgates N Tanlines, Madison Fancher
RCH CCH GRCH'PR'2smooth 2chase Redneck Romeo, Jarrod Ball

American Leopard Hound, 9 Entries
Judge John F Booth
Male Puppy RBM 'PR'The Big Lebowski, Janet Emery, Melesa Mc Nutt
Jr. Male BM BOW BOB CH'PR'Wabash River Two Timing Romeo, Morgan Elburn, Curtis Elburn, Niki Rorvik, Andi Emory
Adult Male GRCH'PR'Preaching To The Choir, Abby Mc Corkle, Megan Chadwick
Jr. Female BF 'PR'Skyline's One That Got Away, Beth Jenkins
RBF 'PR'Wabashriver Fifty Shades Freed Andi Emory, Keith Emory

Bluetick Coonhound, 19 Entries
Judge John F Booth
Jr. Male BM BOW 'PR'Rockin W's Surround Sound, Whitney Killough, Debbie Killough
Open Male RBM GRCH'PR'Woodz All Blue Black Jack, Kayde Wood, Brooklyne Wood, Jason Wood
Adult Male CH'PR'Legacy Legends King Of Hearts Jcs, Sharon Wilson And Cydne E Clark
BHM CH'PR'Heritage On The Rocks, Brenna Carlisle
Female Puppy 'PR'Backwoods Outlaw Blue Fancy, George Guthrie
Jr. Female CH'PR'Brew City's True Grit Piper, Lauren Vrany
Adult Female BF GRCH'PR'Winters Fancy Blue Line, Michele Winters
BHF CH'PR'Eee Right On Time, Jewel Edman
CH NITECH GRCH CCH'PR'Rockin W's That Was A Cold One, Whitney Killough
RCH GRCH CCH'PR'Southern Flame Chantilly Lace, Cynthia Grooms, Gerald Black
GRCH BOB CGRCH GRCH'PR'Blue Power Rock My World, Diann Stine Or Wes Stine
RBF CH'PR'Moonlight Bay Playin W/ Blk Magic Tiffany M Pinkerman, Harry C Pinkerman

English Coonhound, 18 Entries
Judge Katherine B Shorter
Jr. Male RBM 'PR'Sidearm's Red Fish Blue Fish, Jaclyn Smith, Taylor Mills, Lori Mills
Open Male WCH NITECH CH'PR'Jessup's Mr. Fred, Terry Jessup
Adult Male CH'PR'Nagy's Southern Sea Dog, Ben Nagy, Tesla Nagy
BHM BM 'PR'Spieth's Moonlight Hero, Sianna Spieth, Jason Spieth
Jr. Female BF BOW 'PR'Taylor Made Best Kept Secret, Dorothea Hand
Open Female CH'PR'Ky Mtn Cinderella Girl Crush, Rhonda Brown, Penny Turner
Adult Female CH'PR'Taylor Made Miss Kitty Russell, Lesa Watson
BHF RBF 'PR'Spieth's Moonlight Molly, Sianna Spieth, Jason Spieth
CH BOB CCH GRCH'PR'Moonlight's Most Wanted In Blue, Sianna L Spieth, Tricia L Snedegar
RCH CCH CH'PR'Thndrstrk Midnight Marsupial, Danielle Haney, Ava Newcom

Plott Hound, 10 Entries
Judge John F Booth
Adult Male BM NITECH CH'PR'Perry's Solo Rw Mr Jones, Lyndell E Perry
Open Female BF BOW BOB 'PR'Rag Mtn Different Kind Of Fine, Katie Woodward, Jason Woodward
Adult Female RBF CH'PR'My Showbiz Girls Like Us, Danielle York, Ladonna Taylor
CH CCH GRCH'PR'Woodward's Rag Mtn Nikita, Jason L Woodward, Katie L Jenkins
RCH CCH GRCH'PR'County Line Tuesday's Legacy, Christina M Officer, Susan Ragsdale

Redbone Coonhound, 19 Entries
Judge John F Booth
Open Male RBM GRCH'PR'B's Smokin' Red Bulleit, Lindsay Morrow
Adult Male BM BOW GRCH'PR'My Benson's Goodbye Earl, Peggi Benson, Danielle York, Jerry Benson, Monty York
Female Puppy 'PR'Grandrivers Fire Away, Debi J Golden
Jr. Female 'PR'Grandrivers An American Legend, Marissa Turner, Jamie Crigger
Open Female CH'PR'Benson's My Whispering Breeze, Peggi Benson, Danielle York, Jerry Benson, Monty York
Adult Female BF CCH GRCH'PR'Wabash River Wild Side, Nicole Rorvik, Curtis Elburn, Morgan Elburn
BHF RBF 'PR'Wabash River Pickin Wildflowers, Andi Emory
CH GRCH CCH'PR'Sidearm Darnobids I Am Ironman, Victoria Darnobid, Lori Mills, Robert Darnobid
RCH CCH GRCH'PR'America's John Henry, Cody W Wright
GRCH BOB GRCH GRFCH CGRCH'PR'Grandrivers It Is What It Is, Marissa Turner

Treeing Walker Coonhound, 43 Entries
Judge Katherine B Shorter
Male Puppy 'PR'Southern All American Ruger, Tiffany L Adkins, Mark Adkins
Jr. Male CH'PR'Stackem Up Must Be The Whiskey, Megan O'connor, Tricia L Snedegar
Adult Male RBM 'PR'Stackem Up Just A Hot Mess, Tricia L Snedegar
BHM BM BOW 'PR'Stackem Up Just Call Me Fred, Tricia L Snedegar
Female Puppy 'PR'Second Winds Indigo Illusion, Janis Hunter
Jr. Female 'PR'Stone Nickel Small Town Girl, Mary Bergbauer, Rodney Bergbauer
Open Female RBF CH'PR'Skyline's Something Royal, Beth Jenkins
Adult Female BF GRCH'PR'Up Town Girl, Clayton Crock, Kevin Minton
BHF CH'PR'Stackem Up I Did It For Money, Tricia L Snedegar
CH BOB NGRCH CCH GRCH'PR'Red Eagle Second Wind, Natalie Adkins, Isabel Adkins, Hunter Adkins
RCH CCH GRCH'PR'All American Pumpkin Spice, Beth Jenkins

BIS Treeing Walker Coonhound, NGRCH CCH GRCH'PR'Red Eagle Second Wind, Natalie Adkins, Isabel Adkins, Hunter Adkins
RBIS English Coonhound, CCH GRCH'PR'Moonlight's Most Wanted In Blue, Sianna L Spieth, Tricia L Snedegar