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OFFICIAL: Canine Headquarters / Nosework - Monday, Trial 1

December 5, 2016

Location: Hutto, Texas

Judge: Karen Kroyer

High in Trial: NN PTE Princess, Unrecognized, Christopher Lander

PreTrial Advanced
PTS Ottermask Oh The Places Well Go, Jo Ann F Wolf And Suzanne Stebbins, Border Terrier, Adv P

PreTrial Master
SC NE AI Tinkerbell, Debbie La Joie, Podengo Portugueso, Mst P

Container Novice A
1st Listed Entry, Nov Cnt P

Container Novice B
1st NN PTE Princess, Christopher Lander, Unrecognized, Nov Cnt P HIT

Container Advanced B
1st UWP AN PTS GRCH Terror's Tovah Of Oakleaf SPOT-ON, Cathy Thomas, Mya Millwee, Patterdale Terrier, Adv Cnt P
2nd AC NN AV SI Diva, Debbie La Joie, Unrecognized, Adv Cnt P
3rd AC AI AE NN PTE Boudi, Catherine Hyatt, Unrecognized, Adv Cnt P

Container Superior B
1st SC AN RATO CA GJJCH UAGI UCD UWPO URO2 USCH UFCH UWPCHX GRCH Cmc’s Tara The Terror Of Oakleaf SPOT-ON, Cathy Thomas, Patterdale Terrier, Sup Cnt P

Container Master A
1st SI SE MC AN PTE Belcol C'est Frater Eli, Judy Quick, Belgian Shepherd Dog, Mst Cnt P
2nd SE MC AN SI PTE Mystic Classic Timepiece, Mark Slevin, Golden Retriever, Mst Cnt P