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2019 Autumn Oaks / UNOFFICIAL RESULTS - Bench Show - Registered

August 30, 2019

Location: Richmond, Indiana

Black and Tan Puppy Male (1 Entered): 'PR'Ebony Nites Rollin Thunder, Greg Wright

Black and Tan Junior Male (3 Entered): 'PR'Gilmans Moonshine Sonata Sailr, David Gillman

Black and Tan Senior Male/BOB (2 Entered): 'PR'Melrose Mtn Diamond In The Rough, Lisa Beddingfield, Shane Beddingfield

Black and Tan Senior Female/BOB (3 Entered): 'PR'Smalltimes 4Bidn Crown Royal, Terri Dolbear

American Leopard Hound Puppy Male (1 Entered): 'PR'The Big Lebowski, Janet Emery, Melesa McNutt

American Leopard Hound Junior Male/BOB (4 Entered): 'PR'Wabash River Two Timing Romeo, Morgan Elburn, Curtis Elburn, Niki Rorvik, Andi Emory

American Leopard Hound Puppy Female (1 Entered): Midnite Princess Poppy, Jerry Benson

American Leopard Hound Junior Female/BOB (3 Entered): 'PR'Skylines One That Got Away, Beth Jenkins

American Leopard Hound Senior Female (2 Entries): 'PR'Spankys Baba Yaga, Lory Galbreath, Mary Chadwick

Bluetick Coonhound Junior Male/BOB (2 Entered): 'PR'Rockin Ws Surround Sound, Whitney Killough

Bluetick Coonhound Senior Male (8 Entered): 'PR'Runyons Poppin Up Outlaw Hank, James Runyon

Bluetick Coonhound Puppy Female (1 Entered): Backwoods Outlaw Blue Fancy, George Guthrie

Bluetick Coonhound Junior Female (6 Entered): 'PR'Rockin Ws Cover Girl, Whitney Killough, Darin Frachler

Bluetick Coonhound Senior Female/BOB (4 Entered): 'PR'Topnotch This Is My Journey, TJ Daniels

English Coonhound Puppy Male (2 Entered): 'PR'Michaels First Pick, Joseph DArco, Michael DArco

English Coonhound Junior Male/BOB (6 Entered): 'PR'North Star Rocketman, Nancy Cisco

English Coonhound Senior Male (2 Entered): 'PR'Spieths Moonlight Ruger, Jason Spieth, Sianna Spieth

English Coonhound Puppy Female (1 Entered): 'PR'ADKs Woodstock Wonder, Julie Adkins, Abby McCorkle

English Coonhound Junior Female (6 Entered): 'PR'Wilhelms Hardtime Hemingway, Larry W Wilhelm

English Coonhound Senior Female/BOB (3 Entered): 'PR'Spieths Moonlight Molly, Sianna and Jason Spieth

Redbone Coonhound Puppy Male (2 Entered): 'PR'Codys American Sherriff, Cody W Wright

Redbone Coonhound Junior Male/BOB (2 Entered): 'PR'Flatliners Ride To The Top, Brooke Hudson

Redbone Coonhound Senior Male (1 Entered): Dark Hollow Stonz Cold Hunter, Roger Shabel

Redbone Coonhound Puppy Female (4 Entered): 'PR'Stone Nickel Hope 4 The Future, Mary Bergbauer, Rodney Bergbauer

Redbone Coonhound Junior Female (2 Entered): 'PR'Grandrivers An American Legend, Marissa Turner, Jamie Crigger

Redbone Coonhound Senior Female/BOB (2 Entered): 'PR'Tree Rizin Pretty Little Liar, Katrina Childers

Plott Hound Senior Male/BOB (2 Entered): 'PR'Circle M Cashme Outside, Abby Falser, Matt McCorkle

Plott Hound Junior Female/BOB (3 Entered): 'PR'Rag Man Different Kind Of Fine, Katie Woodward, Jason Woodward

Plott Hound Senior Female (1 Entered): 'PR'Badlands Candy Coated Fury, Katie and Chris Swales

Treeing Walker Coonhound Puppy Male (3 Entered): Second Winds Supremo, Janis Hunter, Jason Hunter

Treeing Walker Coonhound Junior Male (5 Entered): 'PR'Buckeye Valley Wayward Son, Tiffany Schmersal

Treeing Walker Coonhound Senior Male (7 Entered): 'PR'Stackem Up Just A Hot Mess, Tricia L Snedegar

Treeing Walker Coonhound Puppy Female (3 Entered): Second Winds Indigo Illusion, Janis Hunter, Jason Hunter

Treeing Walker Coonhound Junior Female/BOB (10 Entered): 'PR'All American Daisy If Ya Do, Megan Perez

Treeing Walker Coonhound Senior Female (4 Entered): 'PR'Skylines Something Royal, Beth Jenkins

Best Male of Show: 'PR'Melrose Mtn Diamond In The Rough, Lisa Beddingfield, Shane Beddingfield

Best Female of Show: 'PR'Spieths Moonlight Molly, Sianna and Jason Spieth

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