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OFFICIAL: UKC Premier (06/13/2019) / Lure Coursing - Saturday, Meet 1

June 15, 2019

Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan

Judge: Heather L Minnich

CA UAGI USR UFR Sweet As Colorado Toffee, Natalee Yates, Unrecognized
AP VPN RATN NBOB USA UFA CAX UWPCH GRCH Wmk's Cut The Line @ Vntg, Valerie Ann Piltz, Karyn S Pingel, Ryan Pingel, Aaron Pingel, American Hairless Terrier
RATO VPE AP4 USA UFA CAS UWPS UEWPCH GRCH Wmks Little Oak Kodyak@vntg SPOT-ON, Valerie Ann Piltz, June E Pasko, American Hairless Terrier
CA GRCH Blitzhund's Legend Of Griselda SPOT, Riley Carter, Doberman Pinscher
NC GJJCH UAGI VPA AP2 PTS CAX UWPCH URO1 RATN GRCH Alpines Sweet Chocolate Chip SPOT-ON, Dalana Bewley Huss, American Pit Bull Terrier
UJJCH AP VPN UWPV UCD CA UAGII URO3 UWPCHX GRCH Lookout A. Skamfer SPOT-ON, Christi Skamfer, Border Collie
CA RATN USA UFA Jawdi's Mavis Song Bird, Ann Mickow, Basset Bleu De Gascogne
CA ALCH USA UFA Hopes Carry Me Back, Natalee Yates, Kenneth Rushing, Shetland Sheepdog
NC NI PTA USJ CAX CH Cher Car's Scrappy Doo SPOT, Brittany Behm, Ryan Behm, Dutch Shepherd
CA CGRCH FCH CH WCH Circle C Delta HTX, Megan Chadwick, American Leopard Hound
CA URO1 NBOB UAGII GRCH Northstars Full Moon Franny SPOT-ON, Andrea Leggio, La Catahoula Leopard Dog
CAS CH Dtm Three Times The Charm, Carol Derie, Rat Terrier
USJCH CA EN CH Cher Car's American Freedom SPOT-ON, Carolyn R Muessman, Dutch Shepherd
CH Legacyk She's A Shade Of Wild, Lindsey Nicholas, German Shorthaired Pntr
CA Spark A Wildfire SPOT, Pamela Spink, West Siberian Laika
UWP CA CH Stoneage Firestarter SPOT, Pamela Spink, West Siberian Laika
GRCH Mc Matt Topgun On The Big Screen, Nicole Williams, Australian Shepherd
USA UFA CA UNJ AP VPA UWPCH URO1 GRCH Cpw's Snapping Dragon SPOT, Amanda Stevens, Lawrence Stevens, Kendra Williams, American Pit Bull Terrier
Listed Entry
USA RATCHX UFA SN CH PTE Wigglebutt Cozmic One, Sharon L Jonas, Min American Shepherd
URO1 ALCH Bur Oaks Special Agent, Susan Avery, Australian Shepherd
CA UCD URO1 CH Wish Me Luck Von Kaden, Suzanne Zoromskis And Catherine M Hughes, Rottweiler
NE UFA CA NC NHD AI URO1 PTM GRCH Ocs Prince Of Peace Ms SPOT, Linda Alkema, Robin Mousseau, Dachshund
CA EGCH Mc Cabe Creek Gust Over Rimfire, Danielle Madore, Labrador Retriever
CAS URO1 GRCH Mojo's King Of Thorne, Morgan Stanley, German Shepherd Dog
URO1 CA Rojewskis Captain Dirk, Debra Rojewski, Belgian Shepherd Dog
CA URO1 GRCH Bear Cove Charming Famous Amos, Paula L Cearley, Standard Poodle
USA UFA CA'PR'Hd's Destiny Of The Gods, Andrew Griffin, Alaskan Klee Kai
CA CH'PR'White Deer Skyplott Ryder, Scr Burkett, Sonia Yearwood, Plott Hound
CA Alta-tollhaus Michigan, Julie Richards, German Shepherd Dog

CA Golightly Rosewood Red Hot, Leslie Reeve, Greyhound

Reg Stakes
CH Lakilanni Whole Lotta Love, Laurie Soutar, Greyhound, ROUND 4, BL
CTS CTX SC PTE AI UAGII URO3 GCM UWPCH GCB GRCH Lakilanni Blue Jean Blues SPOT-ON, Laurie Soutar, Greyhound, ROUND 5
CT CH Lakilanni Halfmoon Brick House, Heather Minnich, Greyhound, ROUND 2
CH Allal Wa N'sahel's Buxxu, Alberta Evans, R Winn Conaway, Azawakh, ROUND 3, BL

Lakilanni Halfmoon Highway Star, Heather Minnich, ROUND 5
URO1 CCB CH Lakilanni Rosewood August Moon, Leslie Reeve, ROUND 3
CTX EHD CCM URO1 EN CCB GRCH Lakilanni Wish You Were Here SPOT-ON, Laurie Soutar, ROUND 2
CTS EC EV CTX URO2 MN CCM EHD GCB GRCH Lakilanni Hot Rod Lincoln SPOT, Laurie Soutar, ROUND 4, BL

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