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OFFICIAL: Dog Sports Club of the Quad Cities (05/04/2019) / Nosework - Saturday, Trial 2

May 4, 2019

Hosted By: Dog Sports Club of the Quad Cities

Location: Grinnell, Iowa

Judge: Johnnette L Ulch

Container Novice A
1st PTE Fast Jet Dads Big Blue Corsair, Linda Brown, Labrador Retriever, Nov Cnt P
2nd NC CH Fidelis Mocha Coolatta, Colleen Mitchell, Doberman Pinscher, Nov Cnt P

Container Novice B
1st NC The Storm Through Hazels Eyes, Paige Mcdonald, Labrador Retriever, Nov Cnt P HIT
2nd NC URO1 AV NE PTE Max A Miracle, Paige Mc Donald, Unrecognized, Nov Cnt P
3rd NE NC NV PTS Wendorffidelis One Night Stand, Joanne Soyke, Colleen Mitchell, Doberman Pinscher, Nov Cnt P
4th NC Jagar Dirks, Renee Dirks, Unrecognized, Nov Cnt P

Container Advanced A
1st NC Mack Truck, Katie Trujillo, Treeing Walker Coonhound, Adv Cnt P

Container Advanced B
1st NI NC Just One Mora Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Australian Shepherd, Adv Cnt P HIT
2nd AC AV SI NN GRCH Old Drum's Red Rockefeller SPOT, Kelley Frary, Ali Doughty, Doberman Pinscher, Adv Cnt P
3rd NE NI AC PTS Peppermint, Renee Dirks, Dalmatian, Adv Cnt P

Container Superior A
1st PTE AI SC Stargates Stillwaters Run Deep, Barbara Wyatt, Australian Shepherd, Sup Cnt P
2nd SC AN PTE Freya Dirks, Renee Dirks, Unrecognized, Sup Cnt P
3rd SC AN Addie, Gail Pierce, Unrecognized, Sup Cnt P

Container Superior B
1st SN CH Paisley Precocious, Sue Mac Millan, Dalmatian, Sup Cnt P HIT
2nd SE SI AN PTE ALCH Musiquepardonmeboysbymoonlight, Pat Kramer, Standard Poodle, Sup Cnt P
3rd NN PTE URO2 SC Mikel's Freckled Collie Tucker, Susan Mikel, Unrecognized, Sup Cnt P

Container Master A
1st SI MC PTE NN Trip The Light Fantastic, Barbara Wyatt, Australian Cattle Dog, Mst Cnt P HIT
2nd ME MI SN PTE Theo, Pat Kramer, Standard Poodle, Mst Cnt P
3rd SI MC URO1 AN PTE ALCH Musique Mysterious By Moonlite, Kristi Murdock, Standard Poodle, Mst Cnt P

Container Master B
1st EI MN UCD URO2 CH Paisley Allaround Lifeofthparty SPOT-ON, Sue Mac Millan, Dalmatian, Mst Cnt P
2nd SI AN MC Cedarlin's Regal Beginnings, Rebecca Gilchrist, Boxer, Mst Cnt P
3rd SI AE MC NN URO3 PTE Chase James Mcdonald, Beth Mc Donald, Unrecognized, Mst Cnt P

Container Elite B
1st SI AN EC Jamie, Katie Trujillo, Unrecognized, Elt Cnt P HIT
2nd MI SN EC Cedarlin's Graceful Beginnings, Rebecca Gilchrist, Boxer, Elt Cnt P
3rd URO1 EC AV MI NN Eromit's Glitzy's Gold Rush, Jeff Hartzler, Michele Hartzler, Labrador Retriever, Elt Cnt P
4th PTE NHD CH ME SN EI EC Priden Joy Rnbw Aftr The Storm, Joanne Soyke, Vizsla, Elt Cnt P
ME EC SN EI Pentangle's Quoth The Raven, Marilynn Snook, Bearded Collie, Elt Cnt P

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