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OFFICIAL: Tulsa Agility Club, Inc. (04/19/2019) / Nosework - Sunday, Trial 2

April 21, 2019

Hosted By: Tulsa Agility Club, Inc.

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Judge: Dovie Ryan

Vehicle Novice A
1st NV UAGI NI NC PTE California Drents' Klamath, Marina Symcox, Drentse Patrijshond, Nov Veh P HIT

Vehicle Advanced A
1st AV PTS NC UAGI GRCH Taylor's Shining Penny, Sherry Taylor, Basset Hound, Adv Veh P
2nd AV Amazing Second Chance Fancy, Linda Duca, Australian Shepherd, Adv Veh P
3rd Listed Entry, Adv Veh P

Vehicle Advanced B
1st SC AV AI PTE URO1 Williams Wyatt At Ok Corral, Linda M Williams, Amb, Adv Veh P HIT
2nd AI AV MC PTE URO1 UAGII Gray's Gotta Be A Cowboy SPOT-ON, Kathy Gray, W.highland White Terrier, Adv Veh P
3rd NV AC AI PTE URO1 UCD Shasta's Grape Fizz, Mariann Duca, Amb, Adv Veh P

Vehicle Superior A
1st SV NN AE AC Watermark's Squeeze Play, Julie Casey, Labrador Retriever, Sup Veh P HIT
2nd SV NN AI EC Ruby Mckay, Vicki L Mc Kay, Cocker Spaniel, Sup Veh P
3rd SV URO2 AN EC UAGII Jls Yankee Doodle Dandy, Jane F Neely And Julia Soukup, Dalmatian, Sup Veh P
4th SV EC MI UAGI AHD AN Lk Tudors Bring Back The Rowdy SPOT, Lee Blankenship, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Sup Veh P

Vehicle Superior B
1st SV MC AN PTE AHD UAGI 2fs Callie Jo, Nathan Free, Jack Russell Terrier, Sup Veh P
2nd SV AN MC Viva's Life In The Fast Lane SPOT, Deborah Maicach, Italian Greyhound, Sup Veh P
3rd NN SV AE AC Alfheims One Day At A Time SPOT-ON, Deborah Maicach, Italian Greyhound, Sup Veh P
4th SV MC AN AHD MI PTE Amigas' Fast And Falfurrias, Teresa Parquer-vargas, Border Terrier, Sup Veh P
AI AV NN AC Akaya-alfheim's Shades Of Blue, Carol L Wyatt, Italian Greyhound, Sup Veh P
MI EC SN EHD UAGII Piper, Julie Free Or Nathan Free, Amb, Sup Veh P
MI AHD SN EC Tri-satin's Della, Stepfanie Shaulis, Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Sup Veh P

Vehicle Master A
1st EHD MN EC URX3 UROG UGRACH2 UCD Omaha's Wild Bill Cody At Bj's, Judy W Spens Or Billy Y Spens, Standard Poodle, Mst Veh P HIT
2nd EE AHD MN EC URO3 UCD Reeder's Scooter Bug SPOT, Nancy Reeder And Frank Reeder, Beagle, Mst Veh P
3rd MI SN EC UGRACH ME UCD Piper Mc Kay, Vicki L Mc Kay, Amb, Mst Veh P
4th EE SN EHD EI EC Otterwise T-town Katie, Sue T Young, Border Terrier, Mst Veh P
PTE MC SN Dagon, Michelle Shadwick, Unrecognized, Mst Veh P
UAGI EC MI SN AHD Elfame Faery Cake, Steve Bull, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Mst Veh P

Vehicle Master B
1st AI NN MC SV PTE Angel Of Darkness At Botar, Janine Winings, Belgian Shepherd Dog, Mst Veh P
2nd EI EHD SN EC URO3 UCD UGRACH Ganderhill's Princess Kanali, Jeri Lynn Hajek, Labrador Retriever, Mst Veh P
3rd AHD MN EC Coal Vom Haus Loyal Heart, Vicki J Jackson, German Shepherd Dog, Mst Veh P
4th SN EI EC URO1 UACH Kiamichi Desires Of The Heart SPOT, Barbara Jeleski, Shetland Sheepdog, Mst Veh P
MV MI NN AHD EC UGRACH'PR'Aacres Storm Surge, Ramona Stanfield, Rat Terrier, Mst Veh P

Vehicle Elite A
1st EV EI EHD MN EC URO2 UCD Dear Abby SPOT, Teresa Doerksen Or Brian Doerksen, Amb, Elt Veh P
2nd MC MI MV SN UJJ Irish Gold's Bit O'blarney, G Katie Crockett, Golden Retriever, Elt Veh P

Vehicle Elite B
1st EV EC EHD UCD MN Magestic Dimond Princess Lexi, Jane Collins, German Shepherd Dog, Elt Veh P HIT
2nd EV MI UJJ UWP AN URO3 CH CAX EC Cher Car's Lil' Miss Pistol SPOT-ON, Jackie Stephenson, Belgian Shepherd Dog, Elt Veh P
3rd MN EC Sundowner Cast A Giant Shadow, Teresa King, Australian Cattle Dog, Elt Veh P
4th AHD EN FS Above The Clouds Cc Leprechaun, Sherree Bunyard, Sharon M Wong, Chinese Crested, Elt Veh P
MV MI AN EC Avalon's Just A Touch Of Gold, Janine Winings, Chihuahua, Elt Veh P

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