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OFFICIAL: Lonestar K9 Performance Club (03/01/2019) / Nosework - Saturday, Trial 2

March 2, 2019

Hosted By: Lonestar K9 Performance Club

Location: Alvarado, Texas

Judge: Ellen Heavner

PreTrial Advanced
PTA Ciel Of Approval, George Burgess, Unrecognized, Adv P

PreTrial Master
Listed Entry, Mst P

Vehicle Novice A
1st NV NC Wrapped In Kashmere, Judy Prala, English Springer Spaniel, Nov Veh P HIT
2nd Listed Entry, Nov Veh P
3rd NV AI AC PTS Wildwind I'm No Angel, Robin Vogel, Shetland Sheepdog, Nov Veh P
4th NI PTS Armata's Shores Of Tripoli, Rebecca Paxson, Rottweiler, Nov Veh P
NC Studio N Kytra's Pure Kashmere, Judy Prala, English Springer Spaniel, Nov Veh P
PTA Ciel Of Approval, George Burgess, Unrecognized, Nov Veh P

Vehicle Novice B
1st NN Mystik's Cool Hand Luke, Patricia E Thomas, Border Terrier, Nov Veh P
2nd AI AV NN AC Akaya-alfheim's Shades Of Blue, Carol L Wyatt, Italian Greyhound, Nov Veh P
3rd PTE NHD Lucky Finnegan Fourleaf Clover, Sylvie M Nuzzolilo, Unrecognized, Nov Veh P

Vehicle Advanced A
1st AI AV PTE NHD NN CH UWP CA UJJ Sunburg's Lilo And Stitch, Barbara De Lamar, Doberman Pinscher, Adv Veh P HIT
2nd NN AV AE AC PTM Turkelton Douglas, Brittany Wingfield, Pug, Adv Veh P

Vehicle Advanced B
1st NN AV AE AC Alfheims One Day At A Time SPOT-ON, Deborah Maicach, Italian Greyhound, Adv Veh P
2nd AC AE NN AI Hawkeye's Surfer Girl, Patricia Thomas, Gerard Bermel, Belgian Shepherd Dog, Adv Veh P

Vehicle Superior A
1st Listed Entry, Sup Veh P

Vehicle Superior B
1st SN UNJ MI AHD EC CH De La Passion Dynamo SPOT-ON, Sandy Woodruff, Poodle, Sup Veh P HIT
2nd CH RATN UJJ EC SN NHD CA URO3 C'lailah Nouvelle Lune Joker SPOT-ON, Jackie Stephenson, Belgian Shepherd Dog, Sup Veh P
3rd MI ME NHD SN EC Coal Vom Haus Loyal Heart, Vicki J Jackson, German Shepherd Dog, Sup Veh P
4th SC AN Cody, Debbie La Joie, Unrecognized, Sup Veh P

Vehicle Elite B
1st RATCHX11 MN Dolce Gambino, Christine Beisert, Donald Beisert, Greyhound, Elt Veh P HIT

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