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UKC Premier / Total Dog

June 18, 2016

Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan

Total Dog Best In Show
Rottweiler, CH Wildhaven's Best Bet Yet, owned by Mary King

Total Dog Reserve Best In Show
Hamiltonstovare, UWP CH Kilcavan Captain Flint, owned by Ashley Hammock

Altered Total Dog Best In Show
Shetland Sheepdog, ALCH Woodruff Solar Flare, owned by Emma L Tinklenberg

Altered Total Dog Reserve Best In Show
Basenji, UWP CH Ankhu Ottaray Benjimen Bones, owned by Terri Fiedler

Guardian Dog Group
1. Rottweiler, CH Wildhaven's Best Bet Yet
2. Cane Corso Italiano, CH Legion's Ashirah, owned by Rebecca Simonski, Anthony Simonski
3. American Bulldog, CH WMK'S Drunken Monkey Business, owned by Monique L Laperriere, Tina L Camp
4. American Bulldog, UAGI UWP UCD URX CA UROC GRCH HD'S Huckster The Casanova Spot-On, owned by Polly Dake-Jones, Lisa Dake-Jones

Sighthound & Pariah Dog Group
1. Basenji, PTA URO1 GRCH Kiroja Hockeytown Hero, owned by Kelli Harmon
2. Whippet, CH Windryder's Woman On Wheels, owned by Roberta S Lutz, Fred H Lutz
3. Whippet, CT GRCH Dunesview's Autumn Moonlight, owned by Vern Borgman, Beth Borgman
4. Basenji, PTE URO1 GRCH Kiroja Home Run Tiger, owned by Kelli Harmon

Scenthound Group
1. Hamiltonstovare, UWP CH Kilcavan Captain Flint, owned by Ashley Hammock
2. Mountain Cur, Walnut Ridge Nitro, owned by Mandy Middleton

Gun Dog Group
1. German Shorthaired Pointer, CH Yellow Roses Edge Of The Universe, owned by Beverly A Quarles
2. German Shorthaired Pointer, Wayland's Gun Powder-N-Lead, owned by William J Chrzanowski, Tina L Camp
3. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, SHR CA UAGI URO1 Caliber's Cause For Alarm, owned by Rod Forth, Patty Forth
4. German Shorthaired Pointer, UNJ SHR UWP GRCH Abbe Lane's Prince Of Darkness Tan, owned by Sara Chisnell

Northern Breed Group
1. Chinese Shar-Pei, CH URO1 Chases Stirfry N Fortune Cookies, owned by Tina Chase
2. Samoyed, NC CA GRCH DBL HLX Rising Star At Snobiz, owned by Robin Clark
3. Alaskan Klee Kai, CH'PR'aliak's Her Darkk Materials Spot-On, owned by Jennifer Hsia
4. Alaskan Malamute, Vykon's Ixa's Man In The Net, owned by Kim Manassa

Herding Dog Group
1. German Shepherd Dog, URO1 CA GRCH Rayna Vom Royale Spot-On, owned by Gail Bauer
2. Dutch Shepherd, Vrijheid's Twist Of Fate, owned by Amanda Janicki
3. Shetland Sheepdog, URO2 UWP GRCH Allaround Majestyk Strikeanywhere, owned by Katherine Ostiguy, Daniel Lombard
4. Australian Cattle Dog, URO1 PTN CH Rouflers Three Times Charmed, owned by Nicole Fochtman

Terrier Group
1. Miniature Schnauzer, CH URO2 Ernhart's Like A Rolling Stone, owned by Hannah Ward
2. American Pit Bull Terrier, USA UFA CA UJJ UWPV GRCH UWPCHX Alpine's Lbk Hearts On Fire, owned by Valerie Ann Piltz, Karen Thomason
3. Staffordshire Bull Terrier, UWP USA UFA CA GRCH Ciera's Homebrewed Ca Kid, owned by Amy Johnson, Lorelei Craig
4. Parson Russell Terrier, CH'PR' Chercar's Horrendous Dread, owned by Lori J Webster

Companion Dog Group
1. Chinese Crested, USA UFR CH Viva Glitz And Glamour, owned by Debi J Golden, Viva Wittler
2. Papillon, UFA USA URX RATN UCD UAGII UWP UROC GRCH Valentino By Monarch Spot-On, owned by Carol R Lauren-Schmidt
3. Brussels Griffon, Blackwood No Hard Feeling, owned by Jill Davis
4. Poodle, UCD URO1 Cripplecreek's I Hear Rumors, owned by Alicia Weiland
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