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Beagle All-Star Series

The Beagle All-Star series offers prestige to those in the running.

All Hunting Beagle events count towards earning points towards the All-Star Series. The State Hunts listed below will allow you to earn double the points!

Hunting Beagle Double Point Events


17 & 18


Doe Valley Sportsman Beagle Association

Trade, TN

17 & 18


Area Club

Vienna, MO

24 & 25

Iowa State Championship

Boone County Beaglers

Dayton, IA

24 & 25

Indiana State Championship

Majenica Conservation Club

Huntington, IN


3 & 4

Missouri State Championship

Gasconade Rabbit Dog Association

Dixon, MO

3 & 4

Virginia State Championship

Red Oak Hollow Beagle Club

Keeling, VA

10 & 11

Illinois State Championship

Southern Illinois Beagle Gundog Assoc

Bellmont, IL

10 & 11

North Carolina State Championship

Randolph County Beagle Club

High Point, NC

10 & 11

West Virginia State Championship

Tri County Beagle Club

Fairmont, WV

17 & 18


National Hunting Beagle Association

Manes, MO

24 & 25

Michigan State Championship

Lower Michigan Beagle Club

Vicksburg, MI

31 & 1

Ohio State Championship

Morgan County Fox & Sporting Dog Assoc Beaglers

Malta, OH


7 & 8

Pennsylvania State Championship

Southern Lancaster County Farmers & Sportsmen Beaglers

Buck, PA

13, 14 & 15

UKC Hunting Beagle Nationals (PDF)

United Kennel Club

Coshcoton, OH

28 & 29

Maryland State Championship

Raccoon Club of Maryland Beaglers

Darlington, MD


9 & 10

New York State Championship

Orleans County Houndsmen Beaglers

Albion, NY


28 & 29

Kentucky State Championship

Wolfe County Beagle Club

Campton, KY


7, 8 & 9

Don McVay Sr. Memorial

Coshcoton County Beagle Club

West Lafayette, OH

28, 29 & 30

UKC Hunting Beagle World Championship

United Kennel Club

Fairmont, WV


13 & 14

Tennessee State Championship

Doe Valley Sportsman Beagle Association

Mountain City, TN

Beagle All-Star Series


About The Beagle All-Star Series

In this series a hound is compared to the best of the best within their region and not just within their state. But it’s not all just about the winning the region. The ultimate crown will be worn by the All-Star Chase Champion.

All-Star Series contenders will also be battling for an available spot in the All-Star Chase, a mini-series challenge open to only select hounds at three of the top major spring events.

To be eligible for the All-Star Chase, a hound must be one of the four who earned the most points within its region at the end of the year.

In the event a hound does not end up with a top-four regional finish, they do have one other avenue of making the Chase: a wildcard spot. In addition to the sixteen spots available, the Chase offers four more entries that will be filled by those four dogs with the most points earned that did not finish in the top four of their region. Wildcards may come from any one or more regions.

The All-Star Series also offers a challenge to its Junior hounds. To be eligible for the Junior series race, a hound must be:

  1. less than two years of age during the whole calendar year
  2. litter registered

Any hound less than two years of age that is not litter registered remains eligible for the All-Star Series but will run in the All-Age category. All criteria for Juniors is split in half, when compared to the All-Age rules, when it comes to eligibility for the Junior category in the All-Star Chase. In other words, there are eight spots available in the Chase for Juniors with an additional two wildcard spots. That means 10 Juniors and 20 All-Age will be eligible for the All-Star Chase.

Like any great series, those top dogs in the running become household names throughout the year. Some may have already established a name for themselves via some major win and are easily recognized. However this series does not necessarily highlight the latest major winner. It’s that consistent cast winner that will rise to the top.

UKC-registered beagles may earn All-Star points at any UKC Licensed Hunting Beagle Event. A dog earns 10 points for any first round cast win. Additionally, five bonus points are awarded to category winners. Category bonus points are not awarded at events where all categories are drawn together.

National Chase Rules

UKC National All-Star Series Chase
A pre-determined number of All-Age and Junior hounds that earned the most points in each region of the All-Star Series at the end of the calendar are eligible to compete in the UKC National All-Star Series Chase. This unique mini-series will consist of three major UKC events the following year. The first leg will be the Eliminator in February. The second leg will be NHBA Days in March followed by the third and final leg in April at the UKC Hunting Beagle Nationals.

Chase Eligibility
All-Age - The four All-Age hounds who earned the most All-Star Series points in each region the previous year are eligible. Additionally, a total of four wildcards will also be eligible. A total of 20 dogs will be eligible for the All-Age division.

Juniors - The two Junior hounds that earned the most All-Star Series points in each region the previous year are eligible. Additionally, a total of two wildcards will also be eligible. A total of 10 dogs will be eligible for the Junior division.

Wildcards - Those hounds with the most points earned in the All-Star Series that did not meet the criteria of a qualified ranking within their region are granted a wildcard spot. Wildcards may come from any one or more regions.

Chase Points Awarded
Cast win = 10 points (must have total score of plus points)

Note: Points are awarded to first round cast winners only.

Bonus Points Awarded
Category win = 5 bonus points (bonus points not available at the ELIMINATOR because all dogs draw out together)

In the event of a tie in the final standings of the Chase, they will be broken as follows:

  1. The dog that placed the highest in its region.
  2. The dog that earned the most series points in its region.
  3. The dog with the most category wins in the Chase.
  4. The dog that had the highest total combined score of first round cast win plus points at Chase events.