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UKC Officially Launches Precision Coursing

Add it to your club's license today!

May 1, 2020

Department: UKC All-Breed Sports Department
Email: clubs@ukcdogs.com

United Kennel Club (UKC®), today launched an exciting and beginner-friendly new dog sport called Precision Coursing®, open to any breed or mix. UKC Precision Coursing® is a fast-paced sport providing dogs of all sizes and speeds a productive outlet for their energy by chasing an artificial lure 150' around a safely-enclosed course.

This sport has progressed past the development stage where audit titles were awarded but not recorded. With this official recognition, UKC Precision Coursing® is a UKC licensed event where dogs can earn points towards titles that appear on their UKC registered name.

UKC's dedication to the working dog for over 120 years has garnered millions of registered dogs, 20,000 breeders, more than 2,900 clubs and a variety of industry-leading publications, making it the leading performance dog sports organization in the world. UKC provides a rich offering of active, engaging sports where dog safety and athleticism are key tenants. For a community of owners and dogs that do more this exciting addition provides yet another discipline for dog and owner to enjoy together.

UKC Precision Coursing cover

"This sport is unique because of the small space required, safety factors in our equipment specifications, and entry-level difficulty," Todd Kellam, UKC Vice President said. "UKC is the place for every dog and owner looking to become more involved. You can pursue a very high level and competitive degree on your dog, or you can check out something like this where the dog can show up out of the blue and give it a shot. It's important to offer both sides of the spectrum."

Launching a new sport is facilitated in part by club support. For the many clubs who have been asking how to host UKC Precision Coursing®, the steps are simple: first, read the rulebook for all specifications, then contact the All-Breed Sports department to add a Precision Coursing® license to your club. UKC is also accepting applications for new clubs interested in holding Precision Coursing events. For individuals looking to become more involved, you can visit our website to pursue a judging license or lure operator certification in Precision Coursing®.

An entry-level active game for athletic dogs is a great way to welcome any dog to your club's next event. It can also be a fun pursuit for dogs with ample event experience due to the short course and exciting nature of the sport. If you've always wanted to try a field game with your dog, this is it.

UKC now licenses three separate coursing-based sports: Drag Racing, Lure Coursing, and Precision Coursing®. Each of these are of interest to different dogs and owners for reasons unique to that event. While Drag Racing and Lure Coursing are Total Dog performance qualifiers, Precision Coursing® is not eligible as a Total Dog performance qualifier. You can learn more about each sport at the links above to determine which one(s) might be right for your dog. As with any UKC sport, the program will remain under constant review to achieve continual improvement.

During Precision Coursing's® exhibition period with Swift Paws, more than 300 titles were awarded over the past few years many of those at UKC Premier each summer. Any owner with a dog that previously earned a title can contact UKC to have that title applied! Please call our All-Breed Sports department to begin.

Give Precision Coursing® a try at Premier 2020, August 12-16, at the Kalamazoo County Fairgrounds.

Guided by the belief that dogs make a difference by being the best partner a human can have in the field, on the job, or in a competition event, UKC is a community for people and dogs to pursue excellence together. Founded in 1898, UKC has been dedicated to enhancing the lives of Dogs That Do More, and their owners, by providing essential resources to help owners and breeders make informed decisions. The dog-human bond is celebrated through family-friendly programs highlighting the instincts and heritage of purebred and mixed-breed dogs alike at over 15,000 licensed events annually.

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