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UKC Donating 100% of Online Performance Listing Numbers Purchased Through April 30th

We will also match donations up to the first $500 in PL's purchased!

March 26, 2020

Email: registration@ukcdogs.com

Amid the current COVID-19 crisis, UKC remains committed to supporting our team, our community, and our country. We are proud to announce that until April 30, 2020, UKC will donate 100% of the proceeds from Performance Listings purchased online to these great national charities that are working hard to support some of those most urgently impacted by this crisis:

Additionally, UKC will match donations up to the first $500 in PL's purchased!

Get your dog's Performance Listing online today and help support a great cause. Give your dog an official name!

A Performance Listing Number allows any dog that does not otherwise meet a UKC breed standard to be entered in eligible UKC Licensed Events (like Dock Jumping, rapidly growing Nosework programs, and UKCs upcoming Precision Coursing events) and begin earning titles and points.

Added bonus: when you apply online you will receive a FREE official UKC Performance Listing Certificate PDF via email!

Performance Listing Cert sample

Performance Listing is a UKC Registration method for:
mixed breed dogs;
purebred dogs of unknown pedigree;
purebred dogs with UKC breed standard disqualifications; or
breeds not recognized by UKC

Frequently Asked Questions about UKC PL's

What is a Performance Listing Number?
The Performance Listing Program offers many opportunities and allows dogs to participate for points and titles in UKC performance events. The number allows dogs to enter applicable UKC performance events to earn points and titles. The number is unique to your dog and allows UKC to maintain the dog's competition history and issue performance titles. PL dogs may also be used in Junior Showmanship classes but are not eligible for UKC conformation shows.

How is it different from other forms of UKC registration?
PL numbers are for mixed-bred dogs, purebred dogs of unknown lineage, and breeds UKC does not yet recognize. The PL number is a great way to participate in UKC events with your dog if the dog is not already papered or cannot be papered with UKC via the regular method. Performance Listed dogs do not receive breeding rights. No litters may be registered from a Performance Listed dog, and no pedigrees will be maintained. The number allows dogs to enter UKC performance events, and allows UKC to maintain the dog's competition history and issue performance titles.

Is a Performance Listing (PL) number the same as a Permanent Registration number?
The PL is different from a UKC Permanent Registration number. One dog cannot have both. If your dog is already Permanently Registered with UKC, the dog is not eligible for a Performance Listing number. If your dog is not yet registered with UKC and Is not eligible for regular registration, the PL is right for your dog. If you want to give your dog an official name and earn points and titles in applicable UKC performance events, the Performance Listing number is your next step!

What can dogs do with a PL number?
Dogs can participate in applicable UKC performance events for points and titles.

What if my dog is purebred?
Purebred and mixed-bred dogs are eligible for Performance Listing numbers. It is your choice as an owner to choose what type of UKC Registration is best for your dog.

Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered to apply for a PL?
To register your dog via PL and participate in Hunting Retriever Club (HRC) events, PL dogs must meet the requirements to be listed as one of the breeds in the Gun Dog group and are required to be spayed or neutered to participate in HRC events only. This rule is for HRC events only. Outside of HRC events, UKC does not require PL dogs to be spayed or neutered. PL dogs are not eligible for breeding. No litters may be registered from a Performance Listed dog, and no pedigrees will be maintained.

Note for Coonhound event purposes:
The seven Coonhound breeds may apply for Performance Listing numbers, but PL numbers allow entry to the non-hunting events only. A PL dog may not be entered in any UKC Licensed Coonhound events.

Guided by the belief that dogs make a difference by being the best partner a human can have in the field, on the job, or in a competition event, UKC is a community for people and dogs to pursue excellence together. Founded in 1898, UKC has been dedicated to enhancing the lives of Dogs That Do More, and their owners, by providing essential resources to help owners and breeders make informed decisions. The dog-human bond is celebrated through family-friendly programs highlighting the instincts and heritage of purebred and mixed-breed dogs alike at over 15,000 licensed events annually.

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