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Suggested Practices for UKC Licensed Clubs for the Benefit of All

Use these tips to promote event safety

May 22, 2020

As events are once again being held around the country, it is imperative that clubs take reasonable precautions for the benefit of all participants. Events should be held in a manner that emphasizes the safety of all participants.

Most importantly, if you are not feeling well, STAY HOME.

UKC knows each individual club is in the best position to make their own informed decisions regarding how they may hold their events considering the needs of participants, local restrictions and mandates, including taking COVID-19 related precautions.

As always, Clubs, officials, and participants are required to follow state and local guidelines that apply to the area where the event is held. It is critical clubs strictly adhere to all local mandates and orders not only because clubs and their officers may face possible penalties and sanctions from local authorities, but also because they put their fellow clubs at risk of potential further scrutiny and restrictions by authorities.

Effective immediately, any club holding a UKC Licensed Event must:
Allow all individuals to take any reasonable safety precautions they like, including but not limited to, allowing participants to wear a mask if they so choose.

The following is a list of suggested practices based on CDC guidelines that may be helpful to club officials, judges, and participants planning to attend an event.

At their election and following all applicable orders and regulations, clubs may consider making some of the following adjustments as appropriate to their event:

  • Clubs may choose to require all exhibitors to wear masks or cloth face coverings at their discretion. Should a club decide to require this, the policy must be made available to exhibitors prior to the event.
  • Clubs should provide hand sanitizer, hand soap, and other sanitation products and encourage participants, officials, etc to use them frequently.
  • Minimize the number of people inside of a building and never exceed the maximum capacity.
  • Consider limiting the number of club officials handling paperwork and money.
  • Clubs may restrict or suspend spectator attendance at events or during a hunt.
  • Post event safety guidelines outside of headquarters or event venue.
  • Invite winners to pick up awards from a designated table.
  • Consider limiting winners photos to handlers and those who reside with them only.
  • All participants should practice physical distancing by keeping at least six feet away from other people and other dogs (club may want to assign a designated monitor).
  • Avoid direct contact with other folks, including avoiding shaking hands.
  • Avoid contact with people or dogs that are not your responsibility.
  • Encourage participants bring correct change for entry fees and accept contactless payment options.
  • After entry registration, exit the area. Avoid group congregation surrounding show area.
  • Exhibitors should take care to leave six feet of space between their crating setups and those of other exhibitors, or crate in vehicles when possible.
  • Allow hunt judges to sign off on scorecard at the conclusion of hunt, if requested by handler.
  • Judges should return hunt scorecards or judges books to event officials.

We want to thank all clubs, judges, officials, and participants for being receptive and forward-thinking in this time to hold the safest events possible while continuing to promote Dogs That Do More™

To use this list for quick reference at your event:
Download full sized PDF to read or share with a friend
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