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Agility Rule Change Highlights: 2021

Open for comment until October 1, 2020

August 3, 2020

Email: performance@ukcdogs.com

Changes to the UKC Agility program have been in the works for some time, and UKC is excited to announce that a proposed Agility rulebook is now available for comment. Review the 2021 UKC Agility Rulebook.

Any questions or comments regarding these proposed rules can be sent to us at performance@ukcdogs.com.

Please be sure to share your thoughts with us by October 1, 2020. All feedback will be considered and a final version of the rules will be available by November 2, 2020. The rules will take effect on January 1, 2021.

UKC would like to extend a huge thank you to our Agility Advisory Council: Wynell Brush, Michelle Hoppes, Linda Lavolette, Robin Nuttall, and Pam Hawkins. Your insight, expertise, and time is greatly appreciated.


Standard & Dynamic

UKC now offers two types of Agility: Standard and Dynamic! Standard Agility is our traditional Agility classes. The new Dynamic Agility classes offer new challenges and new titles:

  • Dynamic Tunnels: Novice and Expert level courses will consist of between 6 and 12 tunnels to be completed in the shortest possible amount of time.
  • Dynamic Hurdles: Novice and Expert level courses will consist of between 10 and 18 hurdle obstacles to be completed in the shortest possible amount of time.
  • Dynamic 3 of a Kind: In the 3 of a Kind class, each obstacle will have a numerical point value. The title earned will depend on the point bracket your final scores falls in, so it is up to you and your dog to decide how many points to aim for!

The names of the Standard Agility classes have been changed as follows:

  • The former Agility I class is now the Beginner Agility class. The AGI title will be changed to the BA title.
  • The former Agility II class is now the Intermediate Agility class. The AGII title will be changed to the IA title.
  • The former Agility III class is now the Excellent Agility class.
  • The additional Agility titles remain unchanged.

Additional Changes

  • The changes to titles will only affect titles earned after January 1, 2021. Existing AGI and AGII titles will not be changed.
  • The Agility Championship and All Stars points scales have been updated and will now include scores of 195 or better.
  • Equipment specifications have been updated. All existing equipment will need to meet the new specifications by January 1, 2025.
  • Performance faults have been standardized and will earn a 5-point, 3-point, or 1-point deduction.
  • The barrel obstacle has been added to replace the discontinued closed tunnel obstacle.
  • The minimum of age of dogs competing in Agility has been raised from 12 months of age to 15 months of the age on the day of the event.
  • The judge will call "Fault" when a dog-and-handler team do not successfully perform an obstacle in the Beginner Agility class only.

Guided by the belief that dogs make a difference by being the best partner a human can have in the field, on the job, or in a competition event, UKC is a community for people and dogs to pursue excellence together. Founded in 1898, UKC has been dedicated to enhancing the lives of Dogs That Do More, and their owners, by providing essential resources to help owners and breeders make informed decisions. The dog-human bond is celebrated through family-friendly programs highlighting the instincts and heritage of purebred and mixed-breed dogs alike at over 15,000 licensed events annually.

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