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Premier Safety Precautions for 2020

Please review the following before submitting entries

June 24, 2020

Email: premier@ukcdogs.com

We are looking forward to seeing you in August 12-16 for UKC Premier. It's in just a matter of weeks! Premier this year will be different than usual in a number of ways, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in these unusual circumstances.

Plan ahead for these upcoming entry open/close dates:
Entries open on June 29, 2020
Entries close on July 24, 2020

To ensure the safety of all event participants, we are taking several precautions this year. The below precautions will be taken regardless of whether government restrictions are eased in Michigan prior to Premier, so please plan for the below circumstances.

Please be sure to read the following list carefully before submitting your entries.

  1. UKC registration paperwork processing times have been unusually long due to the health crisis. If your dog is not permanently registered yet (June 24, 2020) and you plan to enter Premier, we strongly recommend purchasing a Temporary Listing number, which will be emailed to you immediately upon purchase and will not expire.
  2. All conformation rings will be outdoors. The rings will be spread out across the grounds. Ring locations and assignments will be posted in the Judging Program.
  3. Drag Racing and Lure Coursing will not be held this year. Drag Racing All Stars qualifiers will be invited to compete in the 2021 All Stars competition.
  4. All crating and grooming space will be outdoors. There will be plenty of space for personal canopies and parking for those who wish to work out of their vehicles. Grooming and crating tents will not be provided. Electrical hookups will be limited.
  5. Exhibitors, judges, stewards, and UKC staff will be required to wear a mask, face shield, or other type of nose-and-mouth covering while inside the ring. Face coverings must also be worn in all indoor spaces. Exhibitors may uncover their faces while moving their dogs in the ring, provided they are at least 6 feet away from others.
  6. The following signs will be posted at each ring entrance on behalf of our judges:


    I am wearing a face covering for YOUR protection.
    I will only examine an entry with a handler with a face covering for MY protection. You can pull down your face covering when moving or more than 6 feet away.
    I will announce when I plan to be within 6 feet of an entry. Please have your face covering in place at that time! Thank you for exhibiting and respecting our mutual heath concerns.

  7. 6-foot increments will be marked on the ground in paint inside and outside the conformation rings so appropriate distance may be maintained while competing and while waiting on-deck.
  8. Rally and Obedience will be held in separate rooms inside the expo center. Crating will be outdoors.
  9. Capacity for indoor shared spaces will be limited and numerical limits will be enforced.
  10. Event volunteers will be provided with indoor crating space.
  11. Stewards at performance events will sanitize their hands before each course change. All items will be cleaned between each class.
  12. Spectators will be limited at Premier.
  13. In the event that Premier cannot be held because of an unforeseen change in Michigan's executive orders, entry fees will be refunded.

Guided by the belief that dogs make a difference by being the best partner a human can have in the field, on the job, or in a competition event, UKC is a community for people and dogs to pursue excellence together. Founded in 1898, UKC has been dedicated to enhancing the lives of Dogs That Do More, and their owners, by providing essential resources to help owners and breeders make informed decisions. The dog-human bond is celebrated through family-friendly programs highlighting the instincts and heritage of purebred and mixed-breed dogs alike at over 15,000 licensed events annually.

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