UKC shares historic update for Field Dog Stud Book (FDSB) eligible breeds. See News section for full details.

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Two Historic Registries Become One

Changes and Opportunities in 2024

February 3, 2024

Source: Todd Kellam
Job Title: UKC Vice President

Six score and two years ago, two different registries were serving the dog world with "working ability first" goals, and they were doing so on similar but separate planes. Both were very successful and rose to the top of their individual areas of expertise. On September 1st of 2021, those two leaders became one when UKC acquired Field Dog Stud Book and American Field Publishing Company. The continued preservation of the decades of work of hunting dog enthusiasts was something worth taking a moment to celebrate. But it was time to get busy, and the work was just beginning.

Bringing together two different institutions is not an immediate nor simple process. Readers of this newsletter have felt the pain, at some level, and for your patience and understanding we thank you. It was a challenge of the highest degree. I am excited to report the blending of these two historic registries has been quite the strategic process, and the next phase is here!

As of January 1, 2024, the first installment of one registry serving two revered brands is underway. The goal of this article is to offer the first of many introductions to come. I assure you there will be topics to address in the future that have yet to be thought of. The takeaway that I hope readers understand is that going forward there is but one registry: United Kennel Club. UKC is committed to continue to grow, support and enhance both the UKC and American Field brands, while continuing to carefully manage the FDSB legacy. That being said, let's take a look at some changes taking effect on January 1 that will be new to all customers whether they have UKC or American Field backgrounds.

First, let's discuss event entering eligibility. Dogs previously registered by FDSB will now be eligible to be entered in all UKC events, and dogs previously registered by UKC will be eligible to be entered in American Field events, provided that other breed and age requirements are met. While I don't see a lot of dogs on the extreme end of any sport taking advantage of this, I do think it opens a lot of doors and opportunities for many owners to experience more of what the performance dog segment has to offer them. I do see some FDSB continental breeds trying a variety of UKC sports. I can also picture UKC registered Epagneul Bretons showing up at American Field events. Time will tell?

Next, we need to discuss how your registration numbers will change. Two unique sets of registration numbers needed to be merged into one data system. Fortunately, both registries use a six number numerical system. The only difference is that UKC also uses a letter prefix to the six number numerical identity. It was ironic that the letter "F," which you hopefully identify as "Field," was available for a prefix! Since 1979, when the UKC registry was computerized (after being paper-only since 1898) until now, the letter F had gone unused as a prefix. How's that for fate? It means UKC is able to accommodate this monumental step by simply adding the letter "F" in front of your current FDSB registration number. Programmers everywhere will cuss me for calling this a simple fix, but in my mind it could have been worse!!?? Just remember to add an "F" in front of your dog's number in the future. It might seem like a small detail that is hardly worth relaying to you in this article, but when the credentials you carry are of such major importance to you and us, our goal is to provide you with as much transparency as possible in this landmark development.

Let's talk about the design change to your pedigree. If I hadn't mentioned this I am very curious as to what percentage of customers would have noticed it on their own? I mean, it is a watermark in the background of the information you are concentrating on. However, since this is of historic significance, it is important to people like you and me. Did you know? All aspects of your dogs' storied lineage, from concept to paper sourcing, to printing and packaging of each UKC/FDSB pedigree occurs on UKC property and is conducted by UKC team members. For the past two years since the acquisition, we had maintained the existing look and measurement of the FDSB pedigrees as they were at the time of the acquisition. Now that the combination of the stud books is complete, we are proud to offer you more upgrades and a refreshed product line. Our high caliber equipment allows us to bring you enhancements like new sizes, superior visual elements, and a more vibrant color scheme.

You will also notice newly-commissioned artwork in the background of your papers. It's similar to what has been there for years, but is now a refreshed Pointer and Setter scene. What you will notice is that the background is a little less "busy." It looks great and Pointer owners can take comfort in the fact that although I made a case to reverse the image, so that the Pointer was backing the Setter, I failed in my plea.

New to UKC customers is that all pedigrees for UKC registered pointing breeds will be printed on American Field brand pedigrees. Now keep in mind these are for the most part the same pointing breeds that FDSB has previously registered. Nothing new there. Performance Pedigrees will feature a combination of titles, wins, progeny numbers and other performance data, covering UKC and American Field program accomplishments.

I guess it's time to talk about pricing changes. I believe this will be good news and well received. Previously an FDSB registration cost $25 and did not include a pedigree. A registration transfer of ownership will cost $30 and will automatically include a three-generation performance pedigree at no additional fee. There are upgrades available such as pedigrees with additional generations of ancestry and these you will also find more affordable. For example, a registration with a five-generation pedigree with wins used to cost $65 and it will now cost $42. Good news for FDSB customers but again, the same price for all UKC customers.

Good news with litters also: UKC has a flat fee of $34 per litter. FDSB previously charged $25 plus $2 per pup. So your average litter of six pups will now cost $34 instead of $37. And you don't have to do any math! There are more perks we will get into later as time and space permits, such as each litter registration including a puppy packet for each pup.

Perhaps the best news of all is the opportunity to submit your litter applications online beginning January 1, 2024. We have been looking forward to being able to offer this convenience to FDSB customers since the acquisition and we are happy to report it is time. This also applies to single registrations, which is less of a factor for FDSB customers but is a great opportunity for new customers. No more stamps and envelopes! This is a service we have been offering for some time to UKC breeders and now with the databases becoming one it will be an option sure to be well received by the FDSB community.

There will be more announcements to come as we continue to work on projects that will allow us to better serve our entire customer base. We understand that changes are not always easy and there may be a short learning curve as you digest these changes. Remember that we are here to answer any questions you may have and look forward to helping everyone get up to speed.

Wishing everyone a safe, enjoyable and successful new year.

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