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UKC Event Entry Site Q&A

Some questions about our new entry site for hunting ops clubs!

June 21, 2024

Department: Hunting Ops

We've received a few questions after we announced that the new UKC Event Entry site would be made available for our UKC clubs, so we wanted to take the time to answer a few of them here. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to reach out to the UKC Hunting Ops team by phone, email, or chat!

Q: What are per dog fees for clubs?
A: This added service is free for clubs. Exhibitors entering a dog using this service will be charged + $3 per entry. Meaning if the club is charging $25 per show, the total will be $28 per show after fees.
When UKC sends the check to the club with the pre-entries, the recording fees for those dogs will automatically be applied so clubs only need to pay the Day of Show recording fees (if offered) post event.

Q: Will pre-entering result in entry limits for hunts?
A: Limiting entry numbers would be completely up to the club. Clubs can choose to limit entry numbers, or they can choose a deadline and accept all entries submitted by the deadline. A club can use this for advanced entries, and also keep accepeting walk-ups. It's all up to the club! An accurate count of advanced entries would also allow the club to help arrange the correct number of guides, judges, etc., to ensure they have the correct staffing to put on a great event!

Q: This might work for big events, but for many smaller clubs, some small UKC hunts are last-minute decisions.
A: We agree. It's probably best suited for clubs hosting pro slams or larger hunts like the breed days, but you never know! It's why we encourage clubs with any questions or interest to contact the Hunting Ops team ( to see if it might be the right fit for their event goals!

Q: What happens when clubs can't meet deadlines due to not being able to find judges as is a common occurrence or any other litany of issues that always seem to happen?
A: We just need the information 9-weeks before the event to build the online entry form and put it on the website. If there is a judge change, UKC can handle refunds up until the closing date. After entries have closed, UKC will send the entry money to the club who can process refunds for judge changes or females in heat.

Q: Is there a single point of contact club secretaries can get a hold of at the last minute and even outside of business hours due to inevitable changes that always seem to happen or technical issues?
A: We do not have a dedicated 24-hour line, but event secretaries will have access to all of their event entry forms throughout the entry process and have a complete spreadsheet of entries 15 days prior to their event in case they have any questions.

Q: Are pink/point slips going to go away and become automated since you would have all the info on file if clubs use your service?
A: This online entry service will not track points or passes earned at events.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to the UKC Hunting Ops team, who will be happy to help in any way we can!

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